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Teacher's Exam Meeting

Staring: Vera Velka
Daniela Brauerova
Eva Sulistova
Ingrid Valovicova
Lars Moebius
Lukas Petros
Review by Katrina
Running Time: 58 minutes

This film is not about the caning of three ladies. Certainly, that is part of it. However, the real focus of the film is about what happens outside the headmaster's office while you are waiting to go in. It is about the thoughts that must be going through the heads of the ladies who know, without a doubt, that they do not wish to go through the door. Yet, they must if they are to continue with their education. And, they do wish to remain in the school. So, they must go inside. They must take what punishment that is decreed. Yet, the sounds, oh the sounds, are enough to torment the soul. The sounds lead the imagination to new depths of foreboding fear. As such, this is an excellent piece. It clearly demonstrates the apprehension that is felt. It shows the fear that permeates the waiting area. The "old" headmaster, played by Pavel Stastny, appears to be gone. Apparently he did not survive the nightmare of an earlier work. He has been replaced by a man who revels in his task, almost to that of a sexual nature. The replacement is a meticulous man, one who believes in taking his time and stretching the chastisement out as long as possible without overdoing it. The film opens with one girl, played by Vera Velka, dressed in a period long woolen costume with pleated skirts, sitting outside the director's study door, biting her nails and wringing her hands. It is obvious what is going through her mind for inside you can hear the sounds of a thrashing complete with squeals of pain and the obligatory "thank you" coming through the door. Meanwhile she is wringing her hands, wondering in terror what it would be like to step through that portal. It is not long before she is joined by two other ladies, obviously destined for the same consideration of the master's cane. A quizzical look between the girls satisfies their curiosity. The cries through the door have been coming from classmate Miluksa, played by Miss Valovicova, for the past half hour. Now, all three waiting ladies are anxious as the tension mounts, second by second, minute by minute. The cries still come unabated from the closed door.

The looks on their faces show their deep concern, not only for themselves but for their friend who is obviously in dire straights behind the door. Presently, Miluksa exits the study with tears streaming from her cheeks. "Did it hurt?" one asked. Turning around, raising her skirt, and dropping her panties, the three ladies are appalled at the damage that obviously awaits them inside. A suggestion "Cry as loud as you can. It helps. They will be satisfied" is about all that she can say as she slowly leaves them to their fate, barely able to hobble away. The girls are to be taken in order of the seriousness of their offenses. Now left alone, the three begin to wring their hands in anticipation while one attempts to correct a loose button on her uniform, knowing that it would result in additional swats of the cane if it was discovered. Momentarily, the door opens and a teacher comes to retrieve the first candidate. The first to be called in is Miss Velka, has been absent without leave for six hours from her classes this term. Such offense warrants a dozen strokes of the cane, two for each hour.

The next thing that we hear is a cry of pain from the office. When we see inside the office we find the lady, panties at her knees, skirt rolled up to her waist and elbows on the headmaster's desk. Her hands are gripping the sides of the desk. She is obviously having trouble with the first cane stoke as she is rocking back and forth. At the second stroke, a few seconds later, her head flips up; there is an exclamation of pain; and she says "thank you". She begins to gasp for breath as she attempts to deal with the pain emanating from her smarting bottom. She tries to focus on the wall clock and draw strength from it, if only to divert her mind from the other end of her body which surly is on fire by now. By this time the camera has moved to the room. In the room, you find the remainder of the faculty sitting around quietly having tea and biscuits (cookies) as if this was an every day occurrence. They seem totally obvious to the spectacle going on only a few feet away. If this was an everyday occurrence, then I, for one, am glad that I did not attend that school. The headmaster, played by Lars Moebius who played the warlock in a previous film, walks around to the lady and with a swift overhead stroke delivers the next bolt of fire across her nude flanks. The lady reacts with a shocked expression on her face and thanks the master for "correcting" her as we are treated to a view of the diagonal stripes across her bottom and hips. Meanwhile tea time continues. The clock ticks on the wall and the room is all but quiet. Ten seconds elapse and the only sound is the lady breathing and the master taking a slow ambling stroll around the table to allow the cane strike to take full effect on the offender. This is not the same headmaster from the Headmaster series. This man wants the girls to fully appreciate each and every stroke as if it was an exquisite meal to be savored with delight.

At this point, I find it difficult to write about Lupus' caning sequences. The films tend to blend together at the caning of a young lady. The canings are all real. They are all hard. The ladies' reactions are all unique depending upon how they handle the pain. Yet, the scene is basically the same. The ladies are bent over the desk. Their panties are lowered. They are caned. They yelp. They count the strokes. I do not wish to demean their performance. I only state that simply giving you a blow-by-blow description does not do them justice. The film is very real. It is very accurate. The reactions are real. Nothing is faked. Yet, to just say that the three ladies are caned seems trivial. Sometime during the caning, the scene switches to the outside room where Miss Velka's cries, like her friend, Miluksa earlier, are heard through the door. Again we are treated to the anticipation and looks of what is now terror on the two girl's faces. Sometime during the punishment, the male student Melounek arrives with his leg in a cast to the outer office. Apparently the pair had applied soap to the stairs and caused him to fall and break his leg. They are here to receive their punishment at the hands of the school board and the headmaster. Eventually, Miss Velka appears through the door and is requested to leave the door open for Mr. Melounek to enter. Like Miluksa, Miss Velka is asked to show the results of the headmaster's encounter. Her bottom and upper thighs are very well welted. It is obvious that she will not be resting comfortably for a few days. As long as I am not the recipient, it is always a pleasure to see a professional job well done. Since the action was deliberate, and due to "evil" hands, the two girls receiving a caning across the palms of their hands. Three strikes are laid on each hand using a light cane. This is a first for Lupus. They have never caned the hands before. The discussion goes over the action of the soaping incident and the other teachers were given the choice to expel the students or handle the situation within the school. It would not be much of a video if the two were simply expelled, now would it? So, to make a long story short, the decision to handle the punishment is made. They are to be punished by the school.

The normal dozen lashes do not seem to be enough. The punishment is to be doubled - two dozen lashes. At this point, both ladies eyes go wide and what was dread now turns into terror. Two dozen lashes of the cane? What would that feel like? What will happen? When it is decided who is to go first it is too much for her full bladder. She is chose to go first. It is then that he notices the wet red panties. Needless to say, there is now an additional mess to be cleaned up. Ok, so we switch to the other one of the pair. They are flexible. It did not matter who started. But wait. The other is wearing an unfortunate garment, a brazier. She is excused to the outer office to remove the offending garment and redress properly under the watchful supervision of the female teacher. Upon her return, she is asked to drop her panties and get over the same desk used by her predecessors. Again the lady's bottom is caned in a rate that would seem glacial to the style used by Pavel Stastny. Eventually, she receives the full dose and the two ladies exchange places. The second lady is similarly caned. At the end, the two are forgiven and excused to return to the waiting room. There, they mutually examine the damage to each other's bottom. The boy student eventually returns, and being a typical male brat gives them both a dirty look and a big grin. The two, "angels", give the expected response of a tongue extruding beyond the teeth gesture. You can just imagine what would become of him next time. At least he has a second leg, but maybe not for long. The film ends up with the headmaster basking in his own glory and enjoying himself. He has his dreams of the ladies, over his desk. He has his cane. He has his thoughts. Besides, I am too much of a lady to tell you what he really does with his pants. You will have to see the film yourself to know.

I could go into the lighting and the sound and the quality of the picture, and the technical details. However, it is almost becoming second nature with this company to say that their technical abilities are superlative. I only wish that they would offer their films on DVD for NTSC. Pavel Stastny, Tereza Tomaskova, Jiri Zabor, and Helena Kubecova round out the cast as the faculty members, all having tea while the headmaster works.

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