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Teacher Taught

Guest Review by Alvin posted 3/7/08

Life can be unfair at times. On the one hand we have a sexy teacher who gets spanked for stealing a measly 24 or $50. In my own case, one of my secretaries had pinched 50 or $100 from petty-cash. And the fact that she'd teased and tormented me all day in her pencil skirt, bottle green silk blouse and fish-nets only made my blood pressure worse. Now if the amount was five times as much who knows!!

Anyway back to the video. Teacher Taught is an absolute cracker on the SIT spanking site. It features the voluptous and sexy Miss Taylor as a senior teacher. There's no bratty girl, tattoos,piercings here. Just a 30 something sophisticated woman, nicely spoken in obvious need of some corporal punishment. The video starts with Miss Taylor at her desk marking some homework.

The headmaster, who features in a number of SIT videos, is in his full cloak and pulls up a chair next to her. She moves her chair back slightly and crosses her legs. She's wearing a smart suit with midi length "wrap-over" skirt and the very act of crossing her legs reveals an indecent amount of leg. I think if I was opposite her I'd have gulped for air.

He reminds her that she's responsible for the petty cash and he has checked it and found it to be 24 or $50 short so she must have taken the money. She protests her innocence but to no avail. He also reminds her that her contract is coming up for renewal and he has no intention of renewing it. She pleads with him that there must be "some other way". He stands and says, "That's the end of the matter" and is about to walk away. She quickly says, "But if a pupil had taken the money what would happen to her?"

The head tells her that the girl's parents would have been informed, the money would have been repaid and the girl concerned would have been in line for a severe dose of corporal punishment. To which Miss Taylor replies, "Couldn't we deal with it the same way in my case then, I don't want to lose my job" (Talk about all your Christmases coming at once)The headmaster makes a great job of pretending to be reluctant to carry out the punishment. (Having to watch her walking up and down the school corridors giving out orders and reprimanding the pupils, he must have fantasised many times about what was going to happen in the next few minutes).

Reluctantly, he tells her he agrees to her wishes, but she must pay the amount in full. He then moves his chair into the centre of the room, he sits down and orders Miss Taylor to get up and stand next to him. She is no longer the sophisticated senior teacher who struts around the school in her smart business suits and high heels dishing out orders but a naughty girl who will treated like one. Well that's according to the headmaster, and he should know.

Very soon Miss Taylor finds herself over his lap. And then she receives a good 2 dozen or so hard smacks on her skirt. We get a nice couple of "ows" to which the Head remarks, "It's no good protesting Miss Taylor, you brought this on yourself". Then, to her utter dismay, he pulls her long skirt up over her waist to reveal what I consider to be the most magnificent rear I have ever seen. Pale magnificent orbs barely covered in black silk panties. Sheer black stockings attached to a suspender belt by fasteners pulled absolutely taut around her cheeks. Staring at the flimsy panties he comments, "Hardly regulation regulation underwear is it Miss Taylor?

For the next couple of minutes the spanking continues over her pantie covered bottom. And this is one of my favourite bits of the movie. As is each cheek is spanked it wobbles and we get lots of "ohs" and Miss Taylor kicking her legs up and down and frantically throwing her hand back in a vain attempt to protect her reddening rear. But this is soon grabbed and we get a close up of Miss Taylor's left hand with the red nail varnish and wedding and engagement ring on her ring finger. (I must admit to getting a kick out of seeinga married woman being spanked by someone other than her husband.)

Now the piece de resistance. He actually takes hold of the waistband of her black panties in both hands and pulls them down and over her gorgeous arse to just below the darker material of her stocking tops, where the fasteners to her suspender belt are attached. I'd just like to pause there a moment and reflect on what's happened. Miss Taylor is not some giggly, underdressed brat complete with tattoos and an attitude to match so beloved of many websites. She's a mature, very sexy married woman who suddenly finds herself draped unceremoniously over the knee of the headmaster. Her skirt up around her waist with everything on display including stockings and suspenders, and now the ultimate humiliation. Her black panties pulled well down for a bare bottom spanking as though she were a naughty schoolgirl.

Further spankings continue before she's told to stand and remove her jacket. She's wearing a very fetching leopard print sleeveless top and is told to bend over a chair to receive several strokes of the strap. After this the head tells her to stand and adjust her clothing. She mouths a few obscenties at him and he informs her that stricter punishment is called for. He tells her to go to the matron's office and find a school uniform that fits and report back to him. "But I'm not a schoolgirl", she protests. "I can see that", he replies. Talk about stating the obvious. My tongue is already hanging out at the thought.

Miss Taylor then returns and is wearing a crisp white blouse, school tie, very short pleated blue skirt, high heels and is obviously still wearing her stockings. (Reminds me of many years ago at my kids school, to raise money, they held a "St Trinian's Dance". Never forget the PE teacher in outrageously short skirt, half-unbuttoned borrowed shirt and no bra prancing around with her hockey stick. I'd gladly have given 250 or $500 to the school coffers for a chance of getting that minx across my knee)

Anyway, in no time at all Miss Taylor is back across his knee and her short skirt reveals that she's wearing full white cotton panties. And then of course the penny drops. Miss Taylor is no longer the sexy senior teacher who most of the male staff lust after, and no doubt her husband too. She's now a naughty girl whose school uniform dictates that she can longer wear the sexy black underwear she had on previously, she must now wear plain white cotton. Surprisingly, she still has on her black stockings and black suspender belt. The contrast between the white panties and black stockings and black suspender belt makes it very erotic.

Suddenly he tells her to get up while he gets a vicious looking strap. She stands there, skirt bunched up over her panties, while she frantically rubs her tortured rear. Her stocking tops and suspender straps are on view and again the contrast between the black of these and her white thighs are very realistic. She now gets a couple of hard smacks with the strap on her hands and she "ows" and "ahs". The camera zooms in on her immaculately made up face and she looks like she's going to cry. But the punishment is not over yet. Back over the knee she goes and we get another treat. This time the camera is to the side and in front so we get to see her facial expressions and the shaking and turning of her magnificent head of hair. And we can tell from her facial expressions and the "ows" that this is really hurting especially when her white panties are pulled down. And there isn't a square inch of Miss Taylor's magificent ample rear that's left unscathed.

Again she's told to stand up, but only to bend over the desk to receive the strap. This is very severe and she hops up and down after each stroke so her panties end up just below her knees.

Finally, the head then goes to a cupboard and picks up a wicked looking cane with a crook handle before and in a very severe voice says, "I believe this is the cane that you use on some of the pupils. Is that correct"? "Sometimes", comes the reply, not daring to believe it could possibly be about to be used on her. "Well how appropriate that it is now going to be used on your bottom", he says. He tells her that she is to receive 24 strokes of the cane. And in preperation, tells her to remove her panties, which she does, before folding them neatly on her desk. She's then told to remove her skirt and she gives a petulant stamp with her foot and says, "Please no".

But the firm look on the head's face and his demenour indicate that she better do as she is told. And pretty soon the skirt is also neatly folded on the desk. At this point if the head would have requested that she also remove her shirt, I think my blood pressure would have soared through the roof. The thought of those pendelous breasts, wow.

Well very soon the voluptuous Miss Taylor is bent over to receive the final part of her punishment. After each stroke of the cane, she crys, she pleads and vigourously rubs her tortured rear, the cane strokes clearly visible. When the ordeal is over, she is told to dress herself. First on go her white panties and then her skirt. She is now very dishevelled, biting her lip and trying hard not to cry in front of the headmaster. He tells her that he will be watching her very carefully (as if he'd not been doing that since the day she started at the school) and if the petty cash was but a "bean" out, she would regret it. He then tells her that she must suffer the humiliation of walking through the school in the school uniform before retrieving her own clothing and he hopes she has a suitable excuse should anyone question her. The video then fades out.

If you get a chance, take a look. As I said at the beginning, they don't make them like this today.

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