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Teacher Taught Again

Guest Review by Alvin posted 1/11/08

Here's my latest spanking review from "Teacher Taught" at I've also enclosed a few pics from the film, if you wish to use them.

Imagine the scenario. You're the headmaster of a girl's school in the 60's. Its bad enough with these "pocket lolitas" trying the patience of a saint. And the only way of keeping them in line is through the use of corporal punishment.

But then you have a deputy head-mistress who is always undermining your authority. Trouble is, she has the other male members of staff and board of govenors eating out of her hand. In her late 30's, with masses of copper coloured hair cascading down to her shoulders, mature curvy figure, attractive face and always immaculately turned out. Smart business suit, high heels, nicely spoken and manicured nails, nevertheless, she is in need an of an overdue spanking. If only there was an excuse to put the naughty woman across your knee.

Well this is the background to "Teacher Taught" at A movie set in a British school.

The movie starts with the headmaster busy at his desk. A knock at the door and he invites the bewitching Miss Taylor to sit down. Apparently, she has exceeded her authority by spanking one of the 5th form girls, a Miss Sarah- Jane Smythe (See "You should be expelled" also from SIT which features Miss Taylor givng a really blistering spanking to the younger girl. I've enclosed a picture). Only the headmaster has this authority, he tells her. And for the next ten minutes they argue about a suitable punishment. He wants to sack her but she begs him to allow her to keep her job. (I love this long sexy build-up. Particularly when she crosses one shapely leg over the other. Her tight, black pencil skirt rides up. Not so short as to be tarty but short enough to get the viewer gulping in breaths. How true the expression "Less is more".

Finally, and with a triumphant cry, the head blurts out that perhaps what Miss Taylor needs is the same as she gave the young pupil.

"But I'm a mature woman", she protests, "Not a child"

Talk about stating the obvious. And yes, Miss Taylor is worlds apart from the normal bratty, barely out of school girl that festoons many a spnking website. With their piercings, tattoos and whining voices. And all the better for it.

Eventually, she reluctantly agrees. And after he places a hard-back chair in the centre of the room, she reluctantly places herself face down over his lap. Her skirt rides up a little higher ad from the camera angle, we are given a tantalising glimpse up her skirt revealing white skin. "She must be wearing stockings" you think. How on earth the elderly headmaster was able to contain himself, goodness only knows. Anyway he starts spanking her over her skirt amidst the first of many cries and protests. After a while, he slowly, and I mean slowly inches her tight skirt higher and higher. First, her stocking tops come into view. A darker shade of her already black sheer stockings attached to black suspenders seemingly straining to contain her womanly hips. And finally, black silk knickers. Not the un-sexy thongs so beloved of younger girls today, This is a woman put on this earth to give pleasure. Who knows how to give pleasure, of that I'm sure. And yet, here she is upended like a naughty child abut to get, at 38, probably the first spanking of her life.

Well for the next few minutes we're treated to a lot of leg kicking, protesting and spanking over just about the sexiest rear I have ever seen. But it's not over yet. She's told to stand and take of her jacket to reveal a smart black and white check silk blouse. And believe me, she is very well endowed. And now for the "piece de resistance". Back over the knee she goes, and at long last, the black panties are pulled down to her knees. And the spanking continues. Once her bottom is a lovely shade of red, and she thinks its all over, she's placed face down over the desk. She then receives the strap and finally a good number of strokes of the cane.

The result is a very contrite Miss Taylor, vigorously rubbing her aching bottom and promising never to do it again.

Wonderful movie.

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