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Directed by Michael Masterson
Written by Michael Masterson
Lady D
Miss J.
Starring: Lady D
Review by David Pierson

The most precious gift that a submissive (for lack of a better term) can offer to a dominant is the surrendering of tears. It is a gift to be accepted with respect and gratitude. This is Film's gift to us. 'Tears' is a very special video production. If you are under the impression that it is physical pain that brings forth lachrymal drainage in the process of a CP session, then you would be incorrect. In the context of CP, tears are brought forth when a deeply held emotion is released during the session. Each of the performers who offer their tears to you in this video are giving you the gift of their emotions laid bare. I thank them for this most gracious of offerings.

Part I: Bobbi is Late

As the video opens we find Bobbi in the midst of a punishment session with Lady D. She is on the bed with her bottom held high and head low on the bed. As she begins to suffer the effects from the implements that Lady D is using on her, Bobbi begins to cry in a manner not dissimilar to that of a chastised child. Bobbi was being punished in this manner as she had arrived very late for a scheduled shoot. With her bottom held high, she is exposed in that most submissive of positions. It was Lady's D' disapproval in conjunction with this intense punishment session that brought forth her tears. A very compelling punishment session.

Part II: Brandi and the Messy Room.

Brandi was caught by surprise as the Dorm Mom performed a room inspection. Clothes on the floor and trash on her drawer brought the brought the wrath of Lady D down upon her. Brandi was nearly brought to tears by the verbal scolding that she endured. No yelling or screaming, just a controlled confrontation of inapropriate behavior. Soon Brandi was bent over the bottom of the bed and spanked hard with an oval, oak paddle. She endured the first few blows well. Soon the tears flowed as several rapid-fire smacks of the paddle found its mark. After her spanking was over, Brandi sat at the bottom of her bed with tears flowing.

Part III: Caroline's Naked Punishment:

Caroline was led into a room by Lady D to be punished for some unidentified infraction. She was instructed to remove all of her clothing. Humiliation can be a very effective tool in breaking down resistance. Soon, Caroline's lovely, round bottom was assaulted with a Texan Prison Strap. She did her best to maintain her composure, but was soon crying out as this implement of pain found its mark. Caroline's resolve was completely broken as Lady D applied several rapid blows to Caroline's unprotected bottom with a hard paddle. The tears soon flowed freely.

Part IV: Clare's Painful School Memories

This segment opens with Clare being interviewed by Michael Masterson. He asked her if she had ever been paddled in school. She recalled a time in grade school when she and a friend were reduced to tears by the principal's paddle as punishment for some misbehavior. This memory had much emotional resonance for her. She became perceptively unnerved as she discussed this painful memory. Mr. Masterson decided to re-create this painful event for this production. Clare was visibly fearful as she bent over to receive her six strokes of the paddle. The young adult was soon reduced to the state of a tearful child after taking her paddling.

Part V: Donna and the Strap Paddle

In this chapter the lovely Donna was led into a room by Lady D for punishment. Donna was instructed to kneel over two chairs placed back to back. Before she was over the chairs, Lady D instructed the girl to remove her top. This seemed to shake Donna's composure. She was then instructed to lower her pants and expose her bottom. Lady D then began to apply the strap paddle to Donna's exposed bottom. Soon the tears began to flow. Not loud sobs, but the sort of tears one sheds when humiliated or hurt emotionally.

Part VI: Jessica and the Lexan Paddle

As this scene opens, Jessica is kneeling in the corner with her recently punished bottom exposed. Suddenly, Betty enters the room carrying the lexan paddle. Jessica is instructed to bend over the dominant young woman's lap. Jessica cried out in pain as the harsh implement fell upon her bare bottom. Soon, Jessica was reduced to tears. Betty's controlled disapproval had much to do with inducing Jessica's tears.

Part VII: Kathy Strapped by the Coach

Kathy had been summoned by the coach to his office for being late to his PE class. Kathy was dressed in her gym clothes. When Kathy couldn't come up with a good reason for her tardiness the coach informed her that she was to be punished with a strap. She took several blows to the seat of her gym shorts and then several over her panties. The coach then instructed Kathy to bare her bottom. Until this point Kathy had tolerated her punishment well. The coach had engaged Kathy in a discussion about disrespect. As Kathy was in the middle of her response the coach struck her bare bottom hard. The tears were now flowing.

Part VIII: Kailee's Tears

This scene started out as a light hearted session that featured Kailee, Jasmine and Clare. A new collection of straps and paddles were laid out. Each girl took her turn to experience some of the new implements as administered by Lady D. After Kailee had taken a turn she said something flippant to woman with the tools on chastisement in her hand. This is rarely, if ever, a wise decision. Lady D instructed Kailee to get back into position. Her instruction was delivered firmly. After Kailee was given several blows with a strap, she jumped out and shouted "Hey you got tears!" She tried to make light of it, but suddenly broke into sobs. She noted that it had nothing to do with pain. After some time had passed and Kaille had regained her composure a short interview was held with one of the hardest working women in CP media. She noted that it was the firmness in Lady D's voice that had brought forth her emotional outburst.

Part IX: Lori's Hard Schoolgirl Strapping

In the final chapter of this most unusual video production, Lori plays the role of a schoolgirl in trouble with the dean. She is bent over a desk and given a severe strapping. Lori was clearly fearful of her punishment even before the fist lash of the strap fell. She cried as soon as she felt the first blow from the strap fell.

'Tears' is a very special production. The subject matter is dealt with in a manner that is creative, sensitive and highly erotic. This is a video that all fans of spanking erotica need to see. Now, if you fail to do so, don't come crying to me.

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