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Tenants Ordeal

Year: 2004
55 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/2/10

Mr Richards, a grizzly old guy, is a landlord, surveying an empty apartment with the broker, Mrs. Chesterton. Both are experienced CP actors in our catalogue. The girls Chesterton rented to have sold all the landlord's furniture, about 900 pds. worth, although the girls claimed it was junk. If Richards has the same affliction we've seen in his other performances, he will solve this to our satisfaction.

The first tenant on the scene is Gillian, a tiny girl who looks 14 years old. When she is confronted and hears her choices--repayment, the police, or a spanking, she accepts the latter, after the faux shock that such a thing could happen. The spanking is unsavory, suggesting we have a difficult hour ahead of us in this film. As Richards looks on, she is spanked OTK by Mrs. Chesterton, who is liable for having placed these two tenants. Sweater/coat thrown up, jeans down, loose-fitting green panties down. The tiniest bottom we've ever seen. Very little handspanking makes a very big impression. She kneels on a chair for the strap and a ping-pong shaped paddle which is almost bigger than her buttocks. the floppy stingy paddle then the cane--about 20 strokes, hands-on-the-chair seat. She is so small and bony the strokes would seem to cut her in two. This phase thankfully concludes.

Mr. Richards proves he is an inveterate spanker and turns on real estate agent Mrs. Chesterton, whose protest lasts just a few seconds before she is OTK. He spanks her on her suit skirt, then rolls it up. This actress has been both on top and OTK in films, as here. Although she is older and has a certain office-manager air about her, she is an appealing spankee. She takes a solid handspanking, a dose of 2 paddles, and the cane, about 25 strokes, almost all the bare bottom. At the conclusion, she dresses matter-of-factly to return to her office, as though Richards gives her bottom a workout every now and then.

Back at Richards' office, the paneled space CalStar has used often, the second tenant Laura has been summoned. It is the actress Alison Payne, an Irish girl we have frequently praised, for both her acting and her breathtaking charm when her pants come down. Her appearance rockets this video up the scale. Alison's Moonglow appearances count for some of the best plot-and-theme CP we have ever seen.

Richards recites the offenses and her choices, and she too will take a "thrashing" in lieu of payment or the police. OTK, skirt up, red silk panties tight over a swelling bottom. Panties down--even this actor seems startled by the spectacular sight (and maybe his good luck).

He spanks away, as Laura wiggle her bottom and makes a series of erotic overtures, suggesting she'd be willing to have sex rather than face the cane. Both the cameraman and Alison know what a glorious specimen she is. Her bottom is kept centered; she keeps her legs open and her back arched for emphasis.

When she climbs off Richards' lap to festoon herself across the desk for the paddles, he tells her, "Take your panties off." She responds "Right off!" in CP lingo. As he paddles, she suggests he wants "something else." "I bet you want to fuck me, Mr. Richards." She admits she would do just that to avoid the cane. "Get those legs apart."

The caning begins. The actress Alison gasps and moans realistically with the best of them. She takes 15 strokes, with tap-tapping in between,some lengthy sexy sessions of frigging and fingering. Richards: "It's turning you on, isn't it?" "No!" "Then why is this wet, then?"

She is a "naughty girl," he points out. Her legs are open and her hips raised as if she were in heat. Next time, he should come to her apartment--he is going to get a new one for her--without the cane. "Next time just you and me instead." She rises at the completion of the caning and pauses with her clothes gathered for a frontal glimpse, as if she were directing the film.

As we learn about this actress' work from 10 or 15 years ago, we have been trying to review more of her films.

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