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Written by Eve Howard
Produced by Tony Elka
Staring: Miranda Fay
Steve Fuller
Tracy Greer
Keith Jones
Reviewed by John O'Connell

When I learned this title was available it was on my "must see" list. Not because I anticipated this would be the title of the year, but because the thought of a tennis player being spanked sparks an immediate fantasy. How many of you have thought about how wonderful it would be if Anna Kournikova or one of her beautiful tennis friends were turned over someone's knee, had their skirts raised, panties lowered, and spanked on the bare bottom? I think there's quite a few of you out there. So, when I saw the use of authentic looking tennis outfits, I knew I had to watch this production. It should be pointed out that for those that like to see instrument usage, this is strictly a hand spanking video.

The tape opens to Tracy entering the living room to talk to her husband, Keith. Tracy would like to join an exclusive tennis club despite the fact she already belongs to one. At the tune of $2500 a year payable up front, Keith is not to happy with this prospect. Tracy doesn't work and he feels as though her idle time is costing them far too much money. I think many out there can feel your pain Keith. Then things get a little uncomfortable when Tracy informs him that she already took the money out of their account and paid for the membership. The money was to be used for their vacation, which he had worked very hard for. Her answer was to simply pick up another credit card and all would be right with the world. Keith doesn't appreciate her point of view and pulls her across his knee. While spanking her over the skirt, he chastises her for spending his money frivolously and how her not working feeds her disrespect for the time he puts in at his job. He tells her that she should get a job if she wants to have expensive hobbies. Upon raising her skirt, he notices that she has rather sexy panties on which irks him somewhat. She insists that she was going to change before heading over to the tennis courts. No matter, he continues to spank her over the flimsy undies while pointing out that she is ungrateful for everything that she has. Before long the panties come down and he is pounding her bare flesh. However, she doesn't seem to be all that convinced she should change her ways, despite the lengthy explanation of how too much credit card debt is not good. He continues to spank her backside while pondering the possibility of going on vacation by himself and leaving his jobless wife behind. She doesn't agree with that idea, but isn't really in the positing to argue at this time. Finally she promises to obtain a job to help with putting the funds back in their account to pay for their vacation. Keith is satisfied (or perhaps his hand just hurts from spanking so long) and lets her go free.

The next scene opens with Miranda telling her husband that she took yet another day off from work so she could spend the day with Tracy. Steve is not overly excited about this as Miranda has taken a fair amount of time off from work already. She also promised Tracy that Steve would give her a free tennis lesson. He is booked solid for the day, but reluctantly agrees to cancel on his best client so long as they show up at the court promptly at 2 PM. A rather irritated Steve finds the pair at 2:45 lounging around drinking cocktails. He pulls them inside and explains how they are obnoxious and need a good spanking. At first Tracy says no, but when Steve threatens to call Keith, she agrees to the 2nd spanking of the day. Miranda is told to sit on the couch while Tracy is brought over Steve's knee. He spanks her over the tennis skirt and then white panties while explaining how he lost money by cancelling the lesson with his client today. Tracy protests stating is was "only" seventy five dollars. Steve reiterates Keith's observation that Tracy needs to go to work and that she is nothing but a spoiled brat. After a healthy round of panty spanking, Tracy's bottom is bared and Steve kicks up the severity a notch. She pleads with him to stop, but he has no intention of listening to her. The spanking lasts for a fairly long time before he finally lets her up and brings Miranda over his knee. He spanks her over the skirt and then white panties while scolding her for taking so much time off from work. She does not seem to care that the possibility of her being fired from her job is a close reality. She also doesn't care that he cancelled an appointment with his best client, which only makes him more upset at her attitude. The panties come down and he continues to spank the tar out of her bare bottom until he finally lets her up. Now, at this point I would have figured his hand could not dish out any more punishment. But, you know what they say about assuming.

Both girls are made to kneel on the couch cushions while bending over the arms. He lifts up their skirts, pulls down their panties, and continues the onslaught. Steve alternates between the two, making sure each has a full dose of spanking before tending to the other. He continues to lecture, stating that when someone is supposed to be someplace at a certain time, then they must be there. This is also a lengthy scene with a lot of hand spanking. Finally, he concludes the punishment and sends the pair on their way. He makes Miranda go over to Keith and Tracy's house to apologize to Keith for convincing Tracy to sign up at the club.

The last scene of the video finds Miranda sitting on Keith's couch. He enters and is at first concerned that something is wrong. Miranda reluctantly apologizes for talking Tracy into joining her club. Keith then says it was Miranda's fault for Tracy joining the club, which she then denies. She states that the only reason she is there is because Steve made her come over. Keith asks if she had ever been spanked before and she says no. With a slightly less than convincing apology out of Miranda, Keith pulls her over his lap. He starts spanking her over the skirt and she calls him a cheap skate. She seems to feel as though there was no problem with Tracy just taking the money. When he lifts her skirt, he notices her reddened buttocks and is now annoyed that she lied about never being spanked. Keith is aware of Miranda's lack of attendance at work and says she is no better than Tracy. Her attitude and work ethic are deplorable. Finally after a long bare bottom spanking, Keith lets her up and sends her on her way.

While I did enjoy the video, it didn't quite fulfill the fantasy. The costumes were great and the spanking was long and intense. But, neither one looked like Anna Kournikova, so I guess I'll just have to wait until someone produces a video with a star that makes for a decent clone. But, the video is certain to appeal to tennis buffs and men with wives and girlfriends that do their damnest to keep themselves unemployed.

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