Texas Justice

24 minutes

A brief unimaginative trifle; two girls get the cane. Screen data describes their names, crimes, and punishment--the cane. This is supposed to be a video recording of a judicial procedding, we guess. A little prelude would have helped.

First is Bianca, an exotic Hispanic-style posed in mug shot fashion. She's been convicted of prostitution. Another girl, who will do the caning, strips Bianca, copping a few feels in the process, and ties her over a simple table. At least Bianca acts scared, and now her bare bottom is in our face awaiting the cane. She gets twelve strokes, in slow sets of three, hard but not brutal. The slow duration of the caning permits us to watch the stripes ripen one at a time.

Chelsea is next, a long-haired blonde convicted of theft and prostitution. She too is stripped to be fastened over the table. When her tarty dress is pulled off, the caner is amused to discover that Chelsea forgot her panties this morning. Sixteen strokes, sets of four, nice ripening. Chelsea's legs are further apart, so there something different here.

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