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That'll Teach 'Em

Written and Directed by Karl Strong
Miss Brown
Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes

Second Review by MARS posted 9/4/09

Miss Brown on the warpath; three of her schoolgirls have been caught shoplfiting. If you share our admiration of Miss Marchmont productions, you know to settle in and lean forward for an entertaining hour. Miss Brown studies her punishment book, her cane, hairbrush, and straps laid out on the desk.

Three sweet schoolgirls report. The tension is palpable--Miss Brown specializes in a number of things, not the least of which is visual intimidation. She tells the girls the shopkeeper has agreed to "puinishment on your bare bottoms...do I make myself clear?" But first the girls must write letters of apology, squirming at their desks.

Miss Brown will spank each girl, the others will watch and await their turn, part of Miss Brown's technique of sweet agony. Elaine is first, a very tall short-haired brunette with blond highlights, and bangs over one eye. Before the spanking starts, she must strip down--Miss Brown helps her off with her necktie, tunic, blouse, down to white undershirt/vest and blue panties. We're excited already, before the first blow. Brown pulls her knickers down and she stands bottomless facing us--nice clean shave, as Miss Brown studies the punishment book, a history of Elaine's tush? Only a few CP producers take the care to generate this tension. Finally, she is spanked OTK and then cornered, bare, arms folded center-back.

Melanie, another tall brunette in pigtails, steps forward and is similarly undressed. When her pants come down, she is a little more fuzzy. She whimpers when she is spanked and then is cornered, "Nose to the wall." Elaine comes back and sits at her desk, the rear view of her bare bottom on the wood seat we found extemely erotic.

Christine is the third girl, yet another tall brunette, with a flapper-style helmet of hair, equally sweet when she has handed over her pants. When she is OTK, Miss Brown admires her bottom as if it were a fine sculpture. Christine then to the wall, Melanie bare onto her desk seat.

The next phase in the girls' march to destiny is the hairbrush. Elaine returns, and she doesn't care for it at all. Fussing and gasping. Camera angles throughout are varied and dramatic, picking up every nuance of the buttocks. To conclude, Miss Brown smacks her thighs while we have a frontal moment.

Melanie and Christine endure the same routine. The camera exploits every angle.

Humiliations continue. Each girl's two palms receive 6 tawse-slaps. We watch front and rear. Sweet contorted faces.

The last phase deserves a drum roll. Miss Brown retrieves a cane from a wall hook. the girls face us, panties across knees.

The first cane series is six strokes, girls' hands-on-knees. Hard, crisp classic Miss Brown. The stripes can be counted.

But the excitement contines. At last the vests come off. Elaine wears no bra and has a figure you will remember for a while. Touch-toes for "your final six." Sensational. Brown just excels.

Melanie and Christine lose their vests and endure the same. All three girls are in such distress that their nudity at this juncture is the least of their concerns. To conclude, they stand naked, facing us, and Miss Brown enjoys her triumph and you will enjoy yours.

First Review by Katrina

If you can, think back to 1953. Ok, so image back to that date. In the middle of the last centenary (the 1900s), corporal punishment in schools was still a normal event. Boys and girls received he paddle, the switch, or the cane for violations of school rules. It was a common occurrence.

Imagine, if you will, what would happen to three girls caught stealing from a local shop while they were attending a boarding school. The school would have been implicated since they are responsible for the girls. The headmistress, wanting to keep the local police out of the affair, suggested that she be allowed to instill some discipline in the young women. She plans to deal with them personally, using the tools at hand, her hairbrush, a ruler, and of course, a rattan cane.

The film starts with the girls let into the classroom. The headmistress is there to tell them that they are to be punished, very severely, on their bare bottoms. With that, one of the girls reaches around to rub that particular spot. They are to write to the merchant an apology with a detailed explanation of their punishment. She gives them paper and a pencil. The girls start to write the apology.

Elaine is singled out first. The headmistress strips her of her dress and she is made to remove her blouse and tie. Her knickers and t-shirt remain, for now. The headmistress is notably upset, placing a chair in the middle of the room, pulls down her knickers, and adjusts them to mid-thigh. She writes her crime and the expected punishment in the punishment book. With the punishment recorded, she orders Elaine over her knees, left handed, and starts to hand spank the woman.

It is obvious that Elaine was not spanked recently. Her bottom takes on a very dark hue quickly, almost within the first two dozen slaps. This is only the start. Miss Brown is a good spanker. The pattern is nicely irregular and the force sufficient to bring the burning sensation that represents a well-spanked naughty bottom. Meanwhile, the other two girls cannot seem to write. They are transfixed on the punishment scene before them; knowing that they will be next when it is their turn.

Melanie is next. She receives the same treatment; the stripping, the humiliation standing there, with her bare bottom and mons on display while her punishment is recorded; and then the same treatment to the headmistress' stern left hand. Like her friend before, she turns red very quickly. Unlike her friend, Melanie is not the quiet type. She is rather vocal for the punishment as her bottom heats up. That does not deter the head as she continues to spank her, perhaps even more.

The third girl, Christine, is up next. She is treated to the same punishment as her two friends. Almost as soon as it starts, she pleads for the spanking to end. It does not. She is treated to the full measure.

Once all three have been hand spanked to a red bottom, the next phase of the punishment is to begin. Like before, Elaine starts out. The head mistress selects a nice wooden hairbrush and orders Elaine over her knee again.

The head starts to use the hairbrush on Elaine's bottom. She does not strike her quickly. The pace is a about a single stroke every two to three seconds as she places a well aimed and timed swat to Elaine's bottom. What had turned out to be a pale bottom (the nice rosy shade of red had faded by this time), quickly resurfaced into two bulls' eye patterns of deep red; one on each cheek in response to the four dozen strokes of the brush. The mistress used the hairbrush on the same spot, repeatedly on each cheek. As hairbrush spankings go, this one was not bad. It was delivered with sufficient force to be believable for the marking that was shown.

Allowed up, she must face the class. The headmistress starts to spank the back of Elaine's thighs with her hand. This lady intends to make a lasting impression on the girls when they sit for the next few days.

Melanie's turn is next. She, too, is given a decent hairbrush spanking. She receives the same number of strokes, at the same rate, and it produces the same results; a nice pair of bulls' eye pattern red bruises on her cheeks. Like Elaine, she is also given a dose of the hand on the back of her thighs. However, the mistress concentrates on the area just above the knees. (This is not a good place to slap. Do not do this at home.)

Christine's turn is next. She, too, gets the hairbrush spanking on the bare, upturned bottom. She, too, gets the back of her thighs slapped. This time the headmistress concentrates a bit higher on her thighs, about the middle of the legs.

When Elaine returns, she is now showing a flaming red bottom. The next implement is a wooden ruler. The mistress uses the ruler on Elaine's upturned palms and fingers as she counts the strokes. She six strokes to each palm.

Christine gets the same treatment. She is barely able to keep her position. Apparently, her palms are more sensitive than her heavily padded derrière.

The final part of the punishment is the cane. Elaine goes first as before. She puts her hands on her knees and gets the first cane stroke. That is too much. She immediately reaches back to rub the white fire line caused by the rattan rod. The second stroke has the same reaction. The third red welt is applied with similar results. By now, the horizontal pattern of a strong caning is evident on her backside. After the sixth stroke, she returns to the line of her girl friends.

Melanie is next. She takes up the same position. She is able to take the cane better than Elaine. She manages to stay in position for the full six.

Christine, also takes the full six without managing to stand up and grab her bottom. This lady is given a nice set of six white lines that will turn a very nice shade of deep red shortly.

It is Elaine's turn again. She is to receive the final set of six strokes touching her toes. To help her with that position, the headmistress has her remove the t-shirt. Now, topless (and bottomless), Elaine grabs her ankles. She still must reach back to grab her smarting bottom as the cane descends with a whoosh and a splat. The pattern of cane strokes is marked like a roadmap on her bottom.

Melanie also must remove her top for the final set of six strokes. Only on the final stroke does she cry out and show her tears.

Christine's punishment is the last one of the film. Her bottom still has the white marks from the first set when she bends over. As the cane is applied, she buckles her knees and wishes that she could reach back to sooth the fire on her bottom.

We are treated to a final shot of the three women, nude, standing in a line. All are showing a sorrowful face and thankful that the punishment is over when the film ends.

This film is an excellent example of a naughty schoolgirl video. The punishments are quite severe. It is a strange mixture of both British and American styles of educational and domestic discipline. However, the mix is very good. The punishments are severe. This is not a light spanking video. This is a real, true, honest spanking video. It is one that results in a very red and inflamed bottom.

The piece is an excellent work of art. The three girls are pretty. The headmistress is stern enough to be credible. Of the spankings given, I like the hand spanking the best. The bottoms started out a nice pale shade of pink; only to deepen to a very nice shade of dark red at the headmistress' hand. The fact that the person was left handed was also a rarity. The hairbrush sequence, while not hard and fast as a typical hairbrush spanking would have been applied, was very credible. The young woman's bottoms were well marked from the brush with a typical circular bruise pattern. The ruler, applied to the palms was very believable. It brought back memories of a ruler applied to my palms. It made my palms sweat at the memory. The caning sequence was strong, fast, and delivered with a full force. It was exquisite. The girls' reactions to the rattan rod were beyond "classic". They are very exquisite.

Overall, this is a very good film. I suppose that if there were an objection that I could find, it would be that the combination of implements would never have been used in this fashion "in real life". However, this video is not about real life. You would not find a typical mixture of American and British, scholastic and domestic used at the same time. However, this video is not a recounting of a real event. It is a fantasy video. As a fantasy video, it is "top drawer".

I hope that Marchmont offers the video to the U.S. market sometime soon. It should be on anyone's "must purchase" want list.

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