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The Behavioral Clinic

24 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/8/09

A blonde female Domme, cute enough but improbably silly in short shorts, see-through blouse, and black bra, runs the discipline for wayward girls in a clinic. She sits at a desk in a barren sunlit unfurnished room, a collection of paddles, straps, crop, and cane laid out for us to anticipate.

Rubin, a tall, thin brunette, is ordered into the room and bawled out for a variety of clinic offenses--tardiness, out-of-uniform, etc. She is wearing a silly strapless camouflage top and black shorts. It is clear what is going to happen to her.

The Domme starts her OTK on her folding chair, some of the high class set furniture. First the black shorts come down, next black panties, and last a black thong. Rubin may be on the lean side, but from this angle she brought what we need. The Domme is going to make her suffer. The girl has to pick her own paddle from the aray for the next phase--it's the padded oval model. She gets loud and hard whacks, bending over the chair, bare bottom.

She selects a stiff leather teardrop paddle next, which seems to sting more. Next she picks a leather crop with the palmprint tip, fun to watch, but it wouldn't seem to cure her bad habits.

"Stand up. Get me the cane." About 30 reasonably firm strokes are shown, including repeats from various angles. Rubin can twitch her admirable bottom like a pro. Her legs are far enough apart for the intended purposes. The Domme concludes with her and hollers "Next!"

This is a marginal production. The idea of girls incarcerated in a clinic, lined up to be spanked, is not new of course, but endlessly fruitful with just a touch more imagination.

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