The Caning Club

Time 54 minutes
Guest Review by MARS 1/2/09

CalStar shows this video on some lists, but it seems to be be a George Harrison Marks effort, with many of his stalwart cast and his usual pub setting. Very similar to a number of his videos we have seen. George is telephoned at his magazine, "Kane," and invited to come to The Caning Club in London's West End to assist the owner in adjusting the attitudes of the club's girls.

GHM and his buxom secretary Jenny arrive and meet Oscar, the owner. The opening credits introduce "Just Jenny" in her "first feature." George has also asked "Larry Barnes" to stop by and help "sort the girls out," which would seem the expectation of multiple spankings. All in a day's work, we suppose.

The club bar, used in other videos, is populated and busy. Two scantily clad well-traveled girls serve. GHM is shocked and angered that the girls are in fact Kane models of his, moonlighting here. Larry is going to "fill an order," which is to spank the girls to set them straight on this policy violation. He clears two bar stools, has the girls bend over, and starts an ineffectual handspanking and floppy (and sloppy) strapping. Bare skin.

During the chastisement of these two errant girls, Jenny has been teasing and tormenting George, more or less asking for it. The girls' spanking, strapping, and caning at the bar conclude. They are bruised and blotched, but it is a mild show. George has to step out of the building for a bit. The girls console each other on a couch with caresses and body oil. Jenny joins in and soon there is a pile of three half-naked girls roiling on the couch. George returns, is suitably angry, and takes Jenny OTK for a spanking of little note. That's about all. A bit confused of a plot

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