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The Debt Collector

30 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/23/09

A recurrent theme CalStar likes, young ladies who can't pay their bills offer up another sort of compensation. Mrs. Jones cannot duck out of sight when a bill collector calls at her door. She owes 150 pds, and the muscular powerful-looking male visitor suggests "some serious arrangement" to repay. He laughs off her "2 pds a week" suggestion. She rubs his cock. "How about that?" No good either. "I'm a married man."

But he has an eye. "You've got a really nice bottom." "I've never been spanked before." Jones, a curly haired brunette and correctly endowed for this acting assignment, bends over her sink. The collector turns up her skirt, bunches her black panties and begins handspanking. "Ow, bastard!" She is not happy about this deteriorating situation. "I'll pay you next week." "You'll pay me this week with your red bottom."

The collector takes her OTK in an easy chair, always an awkward position which usually results in a shortened session. This guy is prepared! He pulls a short strap out of his coat pocket. Jones kneels on a chair for a short strapping. She is doing nicely keeping her panties in place so far.

"I think you need a good caning." Jones has figured out her leverage now and changes into naughty lingerie while the bill collector fetches his cane from the car. He starts with a larger strap; she spreads her legs around an arm of the chair--she is not bashful. She assumes the "frisk" position against the wall for a ping-pong sized paddle, her panties coming down at this point.

Over the back of the big chair, affording a good view between her legs, the collector actually breaks his"bat" on her. He begins now with the cane. Jones is speaking softly and seems very much into this operation. There are about 18 strokes shown; some are mild taps. the collector teases between her legs with the cane tip. Tears seem to appear toward the end.

Mrs. Jones has kept her face hidden until near the end of the film. She is not a schoolgirl and more realistically a housewife/neighborhood homeowner. The simple setting has been in two rooms of a house, the spankings moderate. CalStar's development of our everyday spanking fantasies continues to entertain.

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