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The Duchess

December 1993
Time: 45 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/12/08

One of Tanya Fox's last performances in CP, at least according to websites of her films. She is in her cute black pageboy hair period here. She takes an impressive set of spankings, so presumably she took some time off afterward. She plays Veronica, a sort of college girl applying to "The Duchess" for a maid's job. She's an American in England and so has some idea about local and regional punishment techniques. Even before she starts work, she gets into an argument about how she will treat the Duchess' antiques. It's clear the Duchess is angling for a shot at her bottom, which is OK with us.

Throughout this film, Tanya comes up with funny lines which couldn't have been scripted. In addition to her other assets, she is sufficiently experienced as an actress to be given free rein. Soon the Duchess takes exception to her attitude and grabs her OTK. "What do you think you're doing?" a cry Tanya loves to utter in her films. She gives in. "OK, fine. If I take the spanking do I get the job?" We've said before, this particular bottom wiggling over a lap remains a high point in the genre, and she knows it. She has been described as a minx.

She is sent to get the Duchess' paddle. "But..but it looks so severe." She is spanked on bare cheeks, panties bunched. She squirms, but she is experienced. The Duchess implies this will be part of the job. "You mean this is to continue?" Down come her panties. Then the best line in the video: "Why did you take my knickers you call them?"

Next she is sent for the slapper-paddle, and she must keep her panties at her knees. After some spanking with this, she is sent for the cane. "I've heard about it. It's quite severe, isn't it? From what I've heard it is the worst." Nice to imagine Veronica chatting with friends about what the cane feels like. She takes one "test" stroke, then 5 bent over, then about 17 touching her toes grabbing her puddled panties. She has been caned before, we all know, because she asks "Please move (the strokes) around a bit." We get a glimpse of a piece of jewelry in a private place. Baby lotion on that national treasure bottom, which will need a few weeks' rest.

The Duchess is going to interview another candidate. Veronica thought that after the price she paid she had the job. Shelly is a dark blonde and Veronica is intrigued. The Duchess: "Would you like to live in?" Veronica reports Shelly spilled valuable perfume in the Duchess' powder room, providing the actionable event we need. "I want payment now." "Spanking? Isn't that old-fashioned?" She is spanked on the couch, panties bunched. Veronica holds her down. She squawks. From Veronica's past: "Maybe we should gag her." Some paddling then cold cream. Veronica gets her fingers where they should go.

Veronica shows Shelly the results of the cane on her bottom and they decide Shelly should get caned. Veronica does the dramatic rolling-up-of-the-sleeves and lays on about 25 strokes. "Real English full bodied strokes, shall we?" Very effective. Tanya never fails.

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