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The Game Warden

23 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/30/09

A recurrent theme we find stimulating: young ladies wander onto private property and become spanking fodder for the local wardens. A tall brunette, a lovely spanking actress we've praised on several occasions--- a saucy Scottish/Irish minx, has trespassed. She wears funky jeans and a flannel shirt. Mr. Giles has caught her and she is OTK in short order. This actress often presents some sexy verbal protestation with her captor before she loses her pants, but there is no time in this video.

The first spanking is well-filmed on her tight and stylish jeans, and very pleasing in that we know it is a preliminary. Giles couldn't be more succinct: "I must say, a spankable bottom." After a bit: "Get up. Take those pants down. I am going to continue on your bare bottom." Our lass is forced to condense her usual reluctance: "Down?" Jeans and panties are lowered to just below the buttocks (the director on this set knows the nuances of a good spanking). Giles uses a sole-shaped floppy paddle to stinging and resonant effect and the girl wiggles and kicks up her high heels.

She is cornered, pants at half-mast, with her shirt pulled up. Always a lovely sight, much better than a potted plant, there in the corner. This girl would be nice left there all afternoon, but we must move on. Giles spanks her more while she stands there, with hands on head.

She is sent off to change clothes and returns in a slinky white silk nightgown. Giles awaits with a collection of paddles. She bends over a chair in that very British posture for an especially large long-handled wood ladle-like paddle. This impressive instrument produces gasps immediately, even though her gown is still in place. When the gown comes up and she bunches her lace panties, we see the huge spoon did its work.

Next is a large squarish floppy paddle/strap, 10 strokes. Then onto the couch, into the diaper position, for a short discussion with a studded paddle. Pause, knickers pulled up her vertical legs and off, back into this most revealing diaper position. Giles opens this naughty girl's legs wide for a view into the valley. Given this actress's stage skills--shy but naughty, this scene is nearly perfect.

Our colleen is allowed to stand and rub, a respite as much for our benefit as hers. Back leaning on the couch, long elegant legs locked straight for 10 with a large martinet, which she counts out in gasps. Giles reminds her: "Country life does have its own rules, you know." Giles again: "Another fifteen, I think." She punctuates this count with a "sir," in her delightful brogue.

Giles retrieves his cane and there is some discussion about it. "I haven't had the cane before. Does it hurt?" She takes almost twenty. Probably unscripted: "Watch my side," because in fact the large martinet had unintentionally wrapped around her flank and found some tender flesh not exercised in other performances. There is another candid moment when she asks for the cane strokes to be "higher," because Giles has caught the tender crease at the top of her thighs.

She must recite what lessons she has learned about trespassing, smoking, and littering. Giles decides "six more" and betrays his motivations: "You may have a rub. I'll have a rub too." She eagerly accepts a glass of whisky for a coda. We suspect she will be back prowling the grounds soon enough.

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