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The Governess

42 minutes
Guest review by Collector posted on 4/3/08

Our favorite disciplinarian "Brian" plays an uncle or a cousin who has two nubile 19-year old nieces visiting from Norway. They're saucy, so he and his wife Diedre have hired a governess to control them. The girls are galavanting about the house when the governess arrives; she's a familiar Calstar Domme. Before Brian and his wife leave for a party, he shows the governess the closet where he keeps his spanking implements, "if it gets that bad." We know Brian always has a full arsenal close at hand.

The governess orders the girls to tidy the house. One is a slim doe-eyed blonde who uses her striking face to theatrical advantage, and the other is an equally trim brunette, who wears her hair Audrey Hepburn-style. The governess has had enough foolishness--the blonde is first to be spanked. She gets a silly handspanking on loose white panties, which soon come down. "You can't take my knickers down." "Oh, yes." Nice trim compact bottom.

The brunette is summoned and receives an equally ineffectual spanking, but here the camera is more overhead and our view of an equally nifty bottom is more entertaining. These punishments are mostly talk. Both girls then kneel bare-bottomed on the couch for a stiff leather spanker, which we've seen can really sting, but not here. They stand straight-legged and lean on the couch for more. At least the brunette's thighs provide a nice intimate view.

Ther girls are sent back to do housework, and they immediately rifle Diedre's chest of drawers in a too-lengthy scene. They're caught of course, and after a pillow fight, they're ordered downstairs (that's where the arsenal is). "I'm going to teach you the old-fashioned way--whip you with a cane. Take off your clothes." The doe-eyed blonde: "All of them?" The camera follows the leisurely undressing to nudity, but for sexy stockings.

Brian and Diedre suddenly arrive hoime. Diedre is falling-down drunk and literally crawls upstairs. Brian observes the spanking underway, has always known a good thing when he sees it, and gleefully seizes the cane; we're glad, because he gets results. The blonde takes her first six and hops around as if they hurt. The brunette provides a leisurely frontal view as she watches. She's next for her six, with a very precise bend-over. Brian does his characteristic close inspection/fondle and check for tears, while the burnette whimpers sweetly. She's sent to bed (nude) with "no tea." The blonde gets a final three strokes, quite hard, and the bottom-inspection. At the end, both girls lie nude upstairs, spreading cold cream on each other's bottoms.

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