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The Headmasters Office

39 minutes
Guest Review by: MARS - Posted 8/21/09

Appears to be an American production and an undisguised and marginally successful knockoff of the RGE/Lupus "Headmaster" series, almost every moment of the story. The setting is New Bedford Academy in 1892. A female student snitches on four of her friends for sneaking liquor in the school basement. They are caught and must report to the headmaster the following morning.

Four cowering girls in period costumes; the headmaster and his male associate, also in Edwardian costumes, and the smirking snitch, there to watch her friends get the cane. The men's glee at what is about to happen is palpable. The girls are ordered to strip, and we watch the process evolve slowly--hooks, buckles, ties, buttons, and stays. Four young naked mostly hairless bodies emerge. A very important section in the film.

The girls are to receive 50 cane strokes each. The spanking bench is a familiar rendition of the RGE model--but wider, heavier, more complicated, and most importantly, higher, so that the target is more level with the cane swing and easier to film.

The first brunette steps up, goes over, and is fastened naked, at wrists, calves, and across the small of the back. The strapping and buckling process is exquisitely slow and erotic of course, as the girl glances around trying to ascertain when the caning starts. She takes 50 very rapid strokes and for some reason barely marks at all. The strokes which fall when the camera is on her face, as with each of the girls, sound faked. She is released and cornered, in classic CP film style.

A blonde goes second. She has a dramatic figure which would suggest several careers. She is to be paddled, with what the men call a "new" thin wood paddle with holes. She is absolutely pummeled 11 times, huge bruises you have to assume were unanticipated. She is really struggling. The paddle splits in two, which we don't see actually happen, probably a way to transition away from this unexpected beating. Her 50 will be finished with the cane. She takes her place next to the brunette and must hold a cane behind her back. We prefer the Czech version, where the girls squeeze the rattan between their buttocks.

The third naked student is a trim pretty blonde, with her hair pinned back, whose crying face is used on the cover art. The caning is slower--somebody correctly determined that the excitement needed to be drawn out. She is beautifully miserable at just 4 strokes. Her desperation is the high point of the film. We had to reduce the volume.

The fourth frightened penitent, another bonde, omitted to pin her hair back, so we miss much of her expression of misery. She marks up heavily and quickly; some of the strokes we don't see are just taps.

The girls are lined up for the traditional bare-bottom comparison, good-bye salute, and a hearty "Thank you, sir." Dramatic differences in bottom cheeks.

Glimpses of the student snitch, who thoroughly enjoyed each caning and was asked to count aloud the strokes for each poor girl suggest she is not going to be through for the day. She is jumped later that night by the four girls, who pin her down, pull up her dress and handspank her bare bottom in the semi-darkness, in a weak scene which could have been more fulfilling.

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