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The Housewife

9 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/8/10

Just 9 minutes of fast discipline on the white sectional CalStar couch, actor Michael Dawes at the controls. His sexy wife Jane wants attention, he wants to watch British football. He likes her new dress but her fancy leopard print panties better.

He is going to have his football and her also. Jane gets a fast paddling with the panties down. "After this paddling, I'm going to take you for a jolly good rogering."

She takes off all her clothes and displays a body which catches your breath. Football would not seem very important. She wiggles her goods for the camera. Over the couch for some paddling, he gives her a frig and has a taste. Just about here she jumps up and declares "That's enough," which is probably why this was a 9 minute film, saved from oblivion only by her national-park nudity.

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