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25 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/22/10

Actor Michael Dawes, in his younger years, in chef's outfit as a caterer/restaurant operator. He disciplines his female staff--you knew that. Evvy, a punky short-haired tattooed blond staffer, can't keep the kitchen supplied with proper and sufficient ingredients. The chefs are angry and have suppled Michael with paddles to "whack her" to see if that works.

Evvy wants to keep her job and agrees to accept a spanking. Michael starts her OTK. She wears a red top and tight white slacks. He pulls down the slacks to expose purple panties. As he prefers, there is a lot of talk about her tight slim little bottom. He is going to make her parade in the nude in the kitchen to show how he has made an impression on her.

Panties down, he spreads her legs with one knee as the spanking continues. "You're shaking a little...." "Yes." It would seem plausible to suggest that many of these actresses have not made so many CP movies that they might not be a little frightened.

Punky Evvy faces us, top and bra come off--she's naked. Soft tawny fuzz. She bends over a chair for the paddle and obligingly spreads her legs a good 2 feet. The camera shoots from below for the full panorama. After the floppy strap catches her breath: "Are you ready for the cane?" 20 strokes, repeats, good varied angles; very noticable marks; more quivering and shaking.

Evvy is sent naked to the kitchen to show the six chefs. She is the ingredient.

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