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The Jam: Added 11/30
Guest Review by Isambard

This film was Rigid East's first venture into "historical" scenarios. The plot is simple, and the lack of subtitles isn't a problem: two sisters, B?tka (Veronika Mur?íková) and Jitka (Šárka Neklidná), are staying with their uncle (Ji?í Zábor). A pot of jam has mysteriously emptied, and the uncle is determined to find out which girl was the guilty party or to punish both of them. The scene is set in a dining room with Victorian furniture. The uncle sits in his smoking jacket (over an open-necked shirt, which may not be realistic), drumming his fingers on the table as he waits for one of the girls to confess. Instead, each blames the other. Both are dressed apparently realistically. The brunette B?tka, the shorter girl and presumably intended to be the younger, wears a dress coming down to mid-calf, while the taller blonde girl, Jitka, wears a full length dress. The whole ensemble (except the missing tie!) seems authentically late 19th/early 20th century. No time is wasted, for within little more than two minutes of the start, B?tka is bent over the table and her drawers are taken down, against her protests. Since the actress is relatively short, as she lies with her upper body on the table, her legs remain straight, and her drawers fall to her ankles. Jitka, meanwhile is sent to fetch a tawse. When she returns, the uncle orders her to oil it. The uncle then begins to strap B?tka, using his left hand. While he doesn't seem to be swinging the tawse with huge power, the girl's bottom soon reddens, and she makes some noise, ending with tears. She has remained in position throughout, and at the end her uncle tells her to pick up her drawers, which have remained around her ankles, and put them on the table. This first strapping lasts little more than a minute, and Jitka has been watching apprehensively throughout. Now it's Jitka's turn. She lifts her dress, with the uncle laboriously pulling up some of the layers of petticoats, and he takes down her drawers. Since she is taller than B?tka, her knees are slightly bent, and the drawers come to rest at knee level. The tawsing begins, with the ambidextrous uncle now using his right hand, and her reaction is entirely different from the other girl's. At the very first stroke she screams and puts her hand to her bottom. She stands up, grasps her bottom, moves away from the table and allows her dress to fall after just about every stroke. After about six strokes, her drawers have fallen from her knees and are around only one ankle. Soon after, they come off altogether, and she is told to put them on the table with her sister's. It's noticeable that she lifts her dress after it has fallen with none of the fumbling with petticoats which had taken place at the beginning, and I suspect (although continuity appears to be maintained) that at some point she had removed some of the undergarments and put the dress back on. Before the end of the session, the uncle calls B?tka to help by holding Jitka down and calming her. Jitka's struggles have meant that her punishment lasts about three times as long as B?tka's. The uncle hasn't finished yet. Not having extracted a confession, he now gives each girl another twenty-five. B?tka bends over again, and remains stoical, although a little noisier than during her first tawsing. This scene is again quite short - little more than two minutes. She then holds Jitka throughout her second tawsing. Jitka is even more uncooperative this time, even leaping up before a stroke has been given, running across the room and so on, struggling so that even the uncle and B?tka together have difficulty holding her in place. Consequently the scene lasts about seven minutes. The last four strokes are delivered as she wriggles and struggles, so much so that she is almost sitting on the floor as the last stroke lands. It is noticeable that her attempts to escape have caused a couple of strokes to land on the side of her hip. The film ends with the girls replacing their drawers, after initial confusion when each picks up the other's undergarment from the table and they have to exchange them, and kissing the uncle's hand. Jitka seems to compose herself very quickly after her extreme reactions of a few minutes earlier. So, this is an "action-packed" spanking movie. The setting is realistic and it is well-acted. The one thing which may give a possible viewer pause is Jitka's extreme reaction. I hope that this just reflects Šárka Neklidná's competence as an actress. The apparent removal of petticoats would seem to indicate the known Rigid East/Lupus practice of stopping apparently continuous action to ensure than an actress is happy to continue, and some of the other camera angles would seem to have been impossible without her co-operation.

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