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The Maid

Review by Sprite

This is by the Hungarian producer of severe punishment movies not for the faint hearted. The storyline is of a girl who is gambled away to a strict mistress who takes her in to her stable of maids.

The new recruit is shown how discipline is maintained by having another girl stripped and her outstretched arms tied to two poles. The girl is slim with a lovely figure and cute spankable bottom.

A lovely blond is given the job of whipping the maid's back and bottom 50 times and each lick of the whip can be seen to leave its mark so that by the end of the 50 the maid is well striped and shows us a delightful dance of pain at each strike. The cruel mistress demands a second set to bring the total to 100. The whipping is expertly carried out with just the right degree of severity to mark the girl from neck to the back of her knees without being so brutal as to draw much blood. I liked the way that time was taken between each lash and that the girl did not know where the next would land. The lighting and the beautiful girls made this sequence look like a bizarre painting with the streaks of red standing out against the milky skin of her back, bottom and thighs.

The action then moves to the bedroom where a second plumper maid is giving the mistress a back massage. She makes a stupid comment which angers the mistress and results in her kneeling on a chair and receiving 100 strokes of the cane. The mistress knows how to cane, each stroke is hard and a variety of canes are used with different thicknesses. The girl's skin shows the effect with the cane leaving a white mark which turns bluey black when they start to overlap. After 50 strokes her bottom is very marked and the sequence is only half way through. Each and every stroke is hard and the girl counts them aloud. Her ample bottom is completely covered by the caning and the skin is broken in several places but not excessively. Like the whipping, an extremely severe beating without being over brutal. The poor maid will be regretting her remarks for several days when she sits on her very bruised bottom.

The new maid, the one gambled away by her foolish lover, is then introduced to the whip. She is tied in the same way as the first and receives 100 lashes on her back. Only her back is exposed which receives the full force of the punishment and is very marked up by the end of the punishment, but again there is no significant bloodshed.

I am not a great lover of whippings, preferring caning, and I am disappointed that Mood have increasingly included back whippings in their movies. But if you like such things this is definitely a movie for you. The quality and clarity is very high and the camerawork is professional with a viriety of angles including the faces of the girls as they receive their punishment. There are several other very attractive girls who are threatened with whippings and canings but sadly remain as decoration, although the bonus footage at the end shows one of these beauties stripping and masturbating.

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