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The Master Executioner

year: 2008
time: 25 minutes
Review by MARS posted 10/1/10

Lupus/Rigid East in another detailed costume drama, set in a dungeon-like room, lit by candles in wall sconces. A completely naked girl is strung up strappado-style, hands behind her back, and getting a rogering in the rear by a hooded inquisitor guard, who had a moment alone with this maid. Other girls cower in the corner. The Mistress of the castle marches in a fully-uniformed maid, Anna, who has offended somehow and has been brought to the dungeon for some punishment. The Mistress makes herself comfortable to watch the fun.

The lead guard directs his two assistants to bare the maid to the waist and string her up. Off-screen ripiing sounds and she is ready. She is flogged on her bare back as her Mistress watches with more than a little interest. Anna the maid is then chained to the wall facing us, so she can watch the next two sessions.

The other two girls in this harsh stone chamber, both naked, have been prepared. The fastenings in this film are skipped, in the interest of time, although we often find the struggling erotic. One maid is tied to a bench hand and foot, a bolster under her hips to elevate her bottom, and her knees spread wide by the bench. a second maid is strung up in the strappado posture.

The master executioner canes the benched girl, a sample stroke from three canes. The Mistress must have selected the cane she prefers--there are no subtitles here for the Czech dialogue. The guard whales the girl and she screams in this echoing room. The Mistress begins to masturbate as she observes. Not a vicious caning, but a lovely helpless vulnerable posture and good acting.

The guard shifts to the strung-up girl, his two assistants standing by. She gets a thorough zinging caning, the camera cricles front and back. The girl screams and wails, shuffling and twisting, her bare feet pawing on the floor. After each stroke, she does manage to settle down and spread her legs for the next stroke. Mistress masturbates.

Anna is unshackled from the wall, stripped naked, and fastened to the bench, but in an uncomfortable kneeling position, head down, putting her bottom highest, knees wide, charms in the breeze. The executioner uses an odd wood paddle, a thick donut-like circle with an "H" logo (for "harlot") cut into it, on a stick, a paddle which acts like a branding iron. It produces immediate ripe bruises, and the girl wails up a storm --we reduced our volume.

We conclude--two masked assistants run off down the candle-lit stone corridor. We suspect they've been given some time with the other two maids just punished. the Mistress of the castle has left. The master executioner, now alone, positions himself behind Anna. He's ready again.

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