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The Music Lesson

Length: 34 minutes
Review by MARS posted 7/30/10

A straight-ahead spanking, paddling, and caning session starring Elizabeth Simpson, we think originally a Moonglow effort, now being distributed by others. There isn't a lot of talk or diversion here. Ms. Simpson plays a music student who has displeased her teacher and she spends most of this video on the receiving end.

Mr. Peters is a a pompous music teacher and Elizabeth has shown up for her lesson without her rec0rder, as if she wanted what is about to happen. She is in perfect schoolgirl attire. Peters bangs a cane on his desk. "We are in a problematic situation."

She is made to "face the music," the sheet music she would have played. Just voice lessons today. Peters slaps her skirt as she stands, knocking her off balance and alerting us there will be no pattycake played today. The scene is a large, bright classroom, and as Peters points out, "plenty of room to swing the stick." He bawls her out throughout the video.

"Over the desk, Simpson,right over." She is tall, so with elbows on the table and in high heels, her bottom is foremost. He lifts her pleated skirt. She wears shiny white full-cut panties, soemthing we rarely see in CP videos, but all the more erotic. Peters begins immediately with the cane, at least 10 on her pants. They ring out in this empty room. Camera angles directly on her bottom and on her side.

Peters has a hairbrush at hand, the cracks on her panties are hard and loud. They pause, Simpson stands and is directed to take off her knickers and her shoes. She bends back over, he throws her skirt up, and gives her a rather unprofessional grope between the buttocks. More with the hairbrush--it breaks.

Peters switches back to the cane--another dozen or so on the bare. She squeals wonderfully. We missed it, but we see now Peters retrieved her panties and draped them over a giraffe figurine on his desk. He's having more fun than he wants to admit.

Now some slippering, in fact an old boat shoe, the perfect CP prop. Maybe 35 smacks, slow and in fast groups, resounding reveberations in the room.

More caning, back over the desk, and grab-the-ankles. Some strokes not seen striking her now and Peters has shortened his backswing. She is taking quite a beating.

"Take off your skirt, Simpson." She kneels on a stool and leans over, hands on the floor, bare bottom reaching for the stars, in a posture which can only be equaled. "Bottom high, that's good," is Peters' understatement. Believe it or not, another 25 with the cane to conclude, in this uncompromising position. Peters breaks the cane at 14 but has a spare hanging on his coatrack.

Simpson is left to pull up her pants and lreave, which she does with a frontal flash tease. The last five minutes of the film are slow-motion replays of the spankings, set to a Requiem by either Mozart or Haydn, a reference to her lesson for the day, at least the musical portion of it.

For 34 minutes, this was an extensive unadorned slippering and caning, without any clear evidence of repetition, no fussing or delaying tactics. Yet her bottom did not mark notably. We will research more of Ms. Simpson's work.

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