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The Navy Lark

time: 32 Minutes
year: 1997
Guest Review by Mars 11/19/10

There are many entertaining videos where innocent female military cadets face the illicit and unofficial wrath of their superior officers and non-commissioned officers. In the barracks, the woods, over trestles, on-stage, good spankings resolve many issues and settle may petty female-type transgressions against military decorum.

Two WRENS missed guard duty and face a tough-looking shaven-head male officer in a cavernous squad room-like environment. Sarah Harvey Lewis plays brunette Parker, and an American actress plays blond Bridgeman. Missing guard duty is a serious court-martial offense. But the girls are smart. "I'm sure there is something else....," one girl says and they actually suggest corporal punishment. The officer does his best to seem offended by this obsolete concept, but relents, and sends the girls out to buy implements.

We reassemble in the squad room. The girls return with an armload. "Shall we begin....(to Parker)...take off your jacket...lift your skirt." The officer takes Parker OTK, noting her non-regulation white panties. She stands and drops the panties and the conventional handspanking continues. The officer issues his caveat: "This is your idea, not mine."

Blond American Bridgeman is next, learning how things are done in Britiannia. "Jacket off...skirt up...assume the position." Her own variation on non-reg undies--black lace panties. After she takes her own knickers down, the spankings conclude.

"Get up....that concludes the preliminaries. Shall we proceed to the main event?" Parker hands him a paddle. "Skirt off." She bends over a folding chair, a lovely full bottom framed by the garters and stockings for a solid no-nonsense paddling.

Bridgeperson hands the officer a larger paddle. "Over the chair." The leather cracks on flesh echo in this room. She counts out six. "That finshes the second act."

Bottoms side-by-side, "shirt tails up." The officer announces he will "finish it with 18 strokes of the cane." Parker is first to bend over the desk; she counts out 18. The officer does pull his punches a bit here. Parker is cornered.

Bare-bottomed Bridgeman counts out her 18. She is a delightful wiggler, and helpfully opens her legs for the punishment without being prompted.

The girls salute and march out. Moderate plausible punishment; excellent costumes and setting, and titillating domiation by the officer.

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