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The Piano Lesson

Time: 54 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 12/17/10

Miss Gillian Lancer (identified some places as actress Miss Hastings) in the Uniform Discipline series, this one confusing and not as imaginative as we have seen. Four very attractive women on screen from time to time help matters greatly. Miss Gillian is tutoring uniformed schoolgirls, with her usual interest in their hindquarters. Reynolds is a cute, compact, auburn-pageboy young lady who wants some piano lessons. It's the charming actress Emma Brown.

Miss G. gives her a stern lecture and demands she return next week in the appropriate schoolgirl kit. Reynolds may only speak when her hands are submissively on her head. She does so poorly on a piano demonstration that Miss G. spanks her OTK on her lacy gray panties, certanly not schoolgirl issue. And it's a great looking bottom. Reynolds spots the cane in waiting on the piano.

"The Following Tuesday": Miss Gillian awaits in full riding habit-jodphurs, breeches, very intimidating. Reynolds is going to get smacked, this is sure. She arrives, having done her part, she wears blouse, plaid skirt, knee socks. Before action begins, there is a knock at the door. Reynolds is sent to admit Natterley, a tall striking blond student who calls herself a "prefect." She is quick to tell Reynolds that Miss G. is certainly going to give her a spanking. OTK Reynolds goes.

Miss Gillian spanks hard. Spectator Natterley loves watching it and is excited enough to offer to pull Reynolds' panties down. Another door-knock, Reynolds is given a reprise and sent again, now with her pants at her thighs. She should be hoping it isn't a FedEx delivery. It's Natterley's mother, a dramatic tall blonde. We can't understand their Cockney chatter, but the main feature is the spanking of Reynolds. Natterley fetches the cane. "Oh, no," Reynolds dutifuly cries.

A lot of position-fussing and talk to get Reynolds over a chair and her blazer and blouse out of the way. She takes about 15 hard cane strokes on her knickers, satisfying after all these delaying tactics. The Miss Gillian character always talks too much but is a very hard spanker when the moment arrives. Both girls must undress--down to blouses and knickers, more time to chatter and delay.

Miss Gillian continues with the cane. Reynolds' knickers come down this time, but there are no discernible marks from that first vigorous caning. 15 more strokes and it gets quiet. Closeups insufficient to display the results on Ms. Brown's estimable bottom.

Some teasing among the girls, but the disorganized and chaotic film ends before Natterley actually gets her due. There is a trailer, where Miss Gillian Lancer addresses us in an info-mmercial style. What is she selling?

There are two inexplicable added scenes where the tall blond lady maneuvers the two girls--Natterley and Emma in handcuffs. They've been shoplifting. Maybe there is a sequel.


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