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The Punishment

Lengh:21 minutes

Another recent jewel in my opinion, packaged with "Fair Measure," (reviewed elsewhere) because it is too short. I guess when you get a pretty girl who will take a spanking, you start the cameras. My favorite CalStar spanker (some wonderfully mean and accurate work in, among many others, "College Classics #10," "A Very English Compromise," "Out Patient," "Caning Engagement," and "Headmaster's Study"). You'll see him in "Headmaster" take the cane from someone else and make the lady jump 6" into the air.

The plot here is improbable, but a lot of fun. Our spanker's house has supposedly been burglarized and he has again called the police. A delicious and well-fed blonde police lady, "WPC Walker," in a cute and invitingly removable uniform, answers the call. You'll thrilled right off she's going to lose her pants, but how is he going to pull it off, so to speak?

Walker charges our man with repeated false robbery claims and potential insurance fraud; he roars his melodramatic protest in response and tussles here over his knee in a nonce, without so much as a peep from her. Good girl, but imagine what her tour of duty must be like! Her skirt is up quickly, and our cute copper is wearing white panties, garter belt, and lace-topped hose. Smashing. Our man is always an aggressive spanker and achieves immediate results. On the chair behind him are the same paddles and cane from "Fair Measure," presumably still warm! Her panties come down--another absolutely first class British bottom. Next Walker is made to lean over the table for about 50 with the leather paddle then 30 with the spanker (there are repeats from various angles, but Walker's bottom sparkles from any vantage point). She claws bunches of tablecloth in her travail. "I am going to tenderize this bottom for the cane."

When she is told to strip for the cane, she give us a nice (knowing?) smile, because she's proud of the package she's about to unwrap. What a touch--she keeps on only her stockings, garter belt and heels. There's a frame or two here worthy of many a Gallery. The caning---this may be the sexiest caning I've ever seen--about 25 hard strokes with views from all sides, accompanied by heavy breathing, breathless gasps and moans, countable welts, and very convincing involuntary shaking/quivering. She chokes out a contrite agreement to withdraw the police counter-complaint. At the conclusion she bunches up her clothes and runs off-stage naked. A doll baby and a great show.

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