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Therapist - Alternative Lifestyles of the Bad and Needy

Year: 2004
58 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/14/10

Set in the same office scene and with the same story line as "The Therapist"--young girls need corporal punishment from a therapist to resolve issues. This is an American production and its quality pleasantly surprised us.

Sophia is the first patient--an extraordinarily cute young brunette ingenue-type. She is a lesbian and can't entice her roommate to give her the spanking she craves. The therapist, an older woman very much in the mold of Eve Arden in the ancient "Our Miss Brooks" TV era, likes the sound of this. "I'm going to pull some tools out. Don't be scared."

Sophia needs to learn how to give cues to signal she wants a spanking. "I don't even know how I want it right now." The therapist bends her over the desk, instructing her on how to hang her head and offer her bottom submissively. She turns up her skirt, exposing dark blue, white trimmed polkdot bikini panties encasing an exquisitely perfect little bottom quite beyond words. The therapist begins a gentle spanking and scapes her bottom with her nails.

Next comes the heart-shaped red leather paddle. (The implements in this video are different from the British armament.) Cute squeaks of surprise from Sophia. Camera on the floor up her legs makes her sculpted bottom look like sudden mountains. A different paddle--"more of a sting." "Oh, I like it."

The therapist then teases Sophia with the cane--taps, pokes, snaps. Then the two of them pause and sit and discuss the progress so far and what she has liked. "I liked all of them." Back up over the desk, the therapist pulls her thin dress over her head--no bra, boyish breasts. Her panties are whisked away--a little squeak from Sophia--done so fast the camera missed the moment. Just a perfect body; where is a good steadfast British spanker when you need one?

Some soft martinet, fondles, a big, thin, round, party paddle, fingernails, probing. Generally B&D love play. Sophia holds a martinet in her mouth while she is caned--muffled whimpers. At last she is turned toward us--a long frontal. The therapist flogs her front. "Thank you, mistress." Sophia is ready to deal with her world.

The second appointment today is a heavily tattooed brunette with boyfriend problems. The therapist determines she needs to have power and control taken from her--blindfold on, dress off, down to panties and garter belt. Mild spanking, flogging, paddling, and lastly a caning. We're not sure what she is learning, how all this spanking helps, but we are OK with it.

And the third patient, with little time to go, a Cher-like brunette also with boyfriend trouble. She gets spanked, paddled, and stripped. The therapist has had the time of her life. The question of insurance coverage for these visits is yet to be determined.

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