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Therapist - Sexual Frustration

57 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/23/10

Another BJ Frazier film on the theme of a therapist providing CP treatments to patients in need. This one is the best so far for us--realistic spanking, legitimate responses, and very attractive bottoms.

Sir Nik sits in an office which looks like a reception area. His first client arrives, a thin blonde, who confesses she wants "more" from her boyfriend. Nik explains the fine distinction between pleasure and pain and will illustrate his "pain play." The blonde is OK with it.

Things get hot immediately. Nik unfastens her tied blond hair, bends her over the soft leather sofa, feels her body over her clothes, and begins a fairly hard handspanking on her jeans. We have learned that if the first spanking in these American films is a softie, we have bought the farm. Nik pulls her shirt over her head. The blonde's mother wouldn't like to see those tattoos on her back.

Nik reaches under and unsnaps her jeans, and with a little wiggle from her, he gets them down, leaving a thong in place. OTK on the couch, the blonde has a round firm bottom, quite a package in his lap. Fingernail caresses. Now kneeling on the couch, she squeals as the handspanking begins to score. Bra off, naked now but for a little thong.

All the way over the back of the couch, bottom high, face and hair hang low, always an erotic pose. Nik straps her--camera catches her high bottom and dangling face. As she gets up to assume the next pose, her thong is rolled down to the top of her thighs, very submissive. Onto the hard marble-top coffee table, kneeling bottom high, face flattened, for another strap from Nik's stack of stuff. The girl coughs, gasps, and sniffs.

In this vulnerable posture, she is going to be paddled with a frying pan-sized thin round wooden affair. Loud, terrific, sexy cracks--the paddle surface covers a lot of skin. She must count out, thank him, and ask for another, after each stroke.

This "therapy" requires a lot of positions. Standing, bent, hands flat on the coffee table, Nik urges her legs about 24" apart. The long whip/strap he uses must catch some tender spot, bcause she closes her legs. He straps her bottom and her thighs. She coughs and there are tears now. Another paddle--10 strokes she counts backward, and then 12 more very fast--now there are noticable round white-centered paddle bruises.

At last the cane. "No matter what you feel, don't move." Just six strokes, but they are sensuous and very hard. Nik tap-taps with an irregular pattern between zinging strokes. Her bottom and legs quiver. Now she knows what to expect. She is finished with this session.

Nik calls for the next girl, a very tall punkish tattoo'ed frosted brunette, with an air suggesting nothing can embarrass her. She has been seeing Nik for therapy. "I thought by now you'd be done....we'll have to bring it up a bit." "You mean, bring it up and do it to me?"

Her first pose is bent over the couch for handspanking and fondling. She has a round, tight, hard bottom, flared feminine hips, an eyeful, and she knows she has it. OTK full length on the couch, skirt up, Nik has a face full of the spectacular tush.

Dress overhead, no bra, lovely breasts, onto the table--handspanking and a reformatory strap. Thong down, Nik gyrates against her, doggy style.

One of those American positions--naked, reverse OTK, face on the floor, knees straddle Nik, he has a lapful of bottom. Several paddles--her cheeks are starting to show.

Next, diaper position on the Oriental rug, legs back over her head. Could use this scene in an anatomy class. she squirms and makes slightly excessive porn-like noises. The big round thin wood paddle again--ouch, wow!

Moving to a conclusion, hands on a chair, an oblique angle highlights her long legs, locked knees, hard jutting bottom, and hanging breasts.

The caning is short, but two of the six strokes are full-power on the thighs. Perfect countable laddered weals. In case we missed anything, she does a slow nude twirl before dressing. Need to investigate what else this actress has done.

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