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The Rent Collection

51 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/15/10

Most of the CP producers have experimented with this fruitful theme of young girls behind in their rent. Not-so-innocent girls, sometimes roommates, must face landlords standing on their doorsteps. The term "arrears" is usually applied to the situation.

This CalStar oeuvre, one of numerous of their late-rent genre, contains more sexual content than the past. Miss Wells, a dramatic curly brunette, languishes in bed, playing with her breasts, pulling off her red panties and using a vibrator to its full length, when she is interrupted by her landlord at the door.

The landlord is an older guy, in suit and necktie, property records in-hand. Perfect ageplay, a hot young insolvent helpless tenant vs. a professional grizzled sub rosa pervert. Wells makes her excuses, Mr. Burridge smirks, and he gains entry for the games to begin. The scene is CalStar's curtained room, white sectional couch, and the guitar music award on the wall.

After successive months of arrears: "Do you remember the other arrangement we made?" "You want to spank my bottom, don't you?" She flaunts her boobs and is negotiating with her body. The landlord agrees to "write off the arrears." "I'll go and get my implements and meet you here shortly."

Miss Wells goes OTK willingly and takes off her top for starters. her breasts are professional "knockers" for certain, beacons for the night. She wiggles her red pantied bottom. She is entertaining her landlord. When it comes time for him to tug down her knickers, she raises her hips to assist and spreads her legs to allow his knee. Even though she is wearing only a black net stockings, Burridge rolls them down so he can smack her bare thigh.

"It's time for the paddle and the strap." "Oh yes, Mr. Burridge." She bends over the back of the couch, nude, almost dancing, which is probably her night job. This posture is especially erotic and is filmed from outside an open door, probably the only angle the camera had on Miss Wells' rock buttocks, but the effect added to the voyeur touch. Two paddles. Too many ooh's and aah's. She squirms. Burridge gropes.

"Full retribution will be the cane. do you understand that?" This actor likes lots of sexy spanking talk. Miss Wells touches toes in the middle of the room, very athletic. About 30 strokes, marks immediately, a colorful bend-over, and only moderate intensity. "That will take care of the rent for a little bit." Miss Wells seems to have found this little trade acceptable and suggests some future arrangements. Burridge: "I may be able to alleviate some of the pressure in future."

A new scene: Burridge moves through the apartment complex headed to another tenant. You imagine all the young girls diving under their beds. A curly redheaded Miss Elliott answers her door. "You know perfectly well you owe me money." "My boyfriend was paying the rent....can't we come to an arrangement?"

"As an alternate, I actually, literally, punish your has to be bare for me, understand?" Deal made, he fetches his implements. Erotic spanking talk throughout. Miss Elliott goes OTK on her own couch, handspanking on her jeans. "Take your jeans down." More spanking, thong down.

"I'm going to have to move on...the paddle?" "Yes," answers compliant Elliott. "Stand up...strip naked..." Freckled pale Irish redhead skin, mottled already by the spanking. She kneels on the couch, and spreads her knees for the paddle, delivered in forehand-backhand scything swipes.

Some leather paddle, then the cane. "This will settle the score for the next 4 weeks." On the couch, about 20 strokes and a few low on the thighs. Some cosmetic work on the angry weals? Not a concern. Quite a landlord. Does an alarm spread when he is seen?

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