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The Riding Stable: Two Corrected Fillies

Time: 53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR posted 11/6/09

CalStar, girls working around horses and barns seem to get into trouble more quickly. The tools are there for punishment, there are dusty little private places to have discussions, pants are tight and appealing, and stable employees are not shy about seizing opportunities when offered.

Jane and Charlotte are caught by James reading a steamy dime novel when they should be working in the stables. James, an older guy in horsey getup, has charge of the girls while their parents travel and claims he has "some freedom."

James grabs both of the girls and whacks them on their stylish breeches. He makes them both pull down these fancy pants--neither are wearing panties, for brief handspankings, before the serious action begins. Jane must take off her breeches and go and wait in the Tack Room. Charlotte is first on stage.

Charlotte, a trim little brunette, definitely a lady you'd like to meet in a stable, pulls her breeches down again and lets us study her frontally, while James bawls her out again. The OTK handspanking is mild on her tight bottom; Charlotte spreads her legs without prompting. Blond Jane returns and the two girls stand in front of James bottomless, in just white blouses. This geezer is having a big day.

He spanks Jane OTK again, brief, with much interest in her pert bottom. Charlotte is sent to get the slipper. She returns and bends over a chair for the shoe, then Jane does the same. Both bottoms are trim and hard, elegantly showcased in this posture.

Jane must fetch the strap while Charlotte takes off her blouse and is now naked. She bends over a bale of hay, a slightly incongruous prop in this otherwise poorly equipped room, compared to some barn spanking scenes we can recall. The strap turns out to be of heavy embossed leather; one or two whacks and James switches to a floppy tawse, surely becaouse Charlotte must have complained.

Jane bends over the bale, her shirt off--another tender young body. Some tawse over the chair, then standing bent over James' knee. The spanking positioning seems unrehearsed. Both girls are naked and try to cover their privates when they can.

James will now try his trouser belt. Side-by-side swipes of the two bodies are silly. The girls check each other's bottoms for marks, and then a funny moment new to us--they try to cool their buttocks against the wall.

James returns to the room with...."You know what this is? I keep this for my favorite girls." Naked Jane goes over the chair again, and 25 cane strokes are shown. "Cry as much as you like." Lovely angles from the floor enhance the bend-over. Jane is in tears. "There are going to be a lot more tears," because James schedules her for another caning tomorrow at 4 PM. She runs off with her bundle of clothes.

Charlotte has been forced to watch and now steps forward. About 25 stokes, legs wide, very embarrassing views of poor Miss Charlotte. Sniffle and tears. Camera angles are varied--obliques, bottom closeup, facial, and from below. A few wild marks on her thighs. She does a sweet job of conveying her humiliation before she runs off in the buff.

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