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The Ring

Starring: Amy
Running Time: 24 Minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

The Ring is another fine production from the folks at KSHARA. As I've mentioned before, I'm not big into bondage or the heavy type of discipline, but I didn't mind watching the titles that I've seen from this company. While severe, they are not over the top to the point that I have to turn them off. The Ring stars this pretty brunette named Amy who seems to get herself into the shit by snooping in a work area that she shouldn't be in. She finds a rather unique looking ring which she tries on and admires. Naturally, the discipline master of the series comes upon our young brunette and takes exception to her snooping. While most would probably say don't do it again, this man isn't about to grant second chances. He removes Amy's clothes and then ties her to a table with rope.

Once Amy is secured to the table, our guy wastes no time in beginning her punishment. He uses a small strap to crimson her buttocks. Her groans become louder with each strike, noting how much pain this small strap inflicts on her naked flesh. For several moments, he pretends her buttocks are either a hamburger patty or pizza dough and slaps and kneads with ferocious intensity. Needless to say, she's not to fond of this method either.

Since KSHARA productions like to provide variety, the strap soon is disposed of to make way for something that is similar to a horse whip. Looks like a cross between a whip and a rope. The guy stands quite a distance away so by the time the instrument makes contact with Amy, it has quite a bit of momentum behind it. This whip leaves long red marks with each strike. It is not long before Amy is shaking from the intensity of this punishment. Her whole body just shivers like she is outside on a cold winter's day.

Given that the production is only half way through at this point, Amy must certainly know other forms of punishment are in the works. As if having a back full of red stripes isn't enough, she is then made to switch positions so she is laying down on her beaten back with her legs suspended in the air. The strap returns to lash her breasts and stomach so they can match the red color of her back and buttocks. Naturally, he's not going to have her in this position and neglect her hind quarters. He fetches a riding crop, which he then utilizes on her backside. Then he uses it on her legs, breasts, and then back to the butt again. Poor Amy is screaming in pain at this point, wishing that the punishment would just end. Well, after a few more minutes of the crop, it finally does conclude.

I do have to say, the beating this poor girl took was pretty amazing. I don't think there was a part of her body that didn't receive at least one or two lashes. KSHARA does a great job with their videos with each one being available for download.

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