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The School Inspector/The Imposters 1

year: 2003
time: 1 hour
Guest Review by MARS posted 10/16/09

Connoisseur made a mini-series of 4 videos on a similar theme--a young woman cons her way into spanking situations to get a piece of the action. Her success and motivation vary in each story.

Nurse Fisher, a delectable thin blonde, the spankable actress Dublin O'Brien, dressed in a simple school nurse's smock, has been summoned by Headmaster Dr. Granger. She has spanked two students without school authority. This being England, Granger can deal with it two ways--first, report her (and she will lose her job and accreditation), the the other--deal with it in the "scholastic" manner, which is school punishment-a spanking itself. Comely Ms. Fisher elects #2.

Granger is in high dudgeon. Fisher goes OTK, skirt up, to expose black panties and hose. When Granger tugs her pants down: "Oh, my gosh, don't do that to me." He handspanks and adds some slippering from one which happens to be within grasp. This is a brief session; she is released, but she gives Granger her black panties--another one of those school administrators with a trophy drawer. She must return later.

One of the girls Fisher spanked was her own stepdaughter--the actress Monica, a tall, thin pigtailed blonde. She reports to Granger. "You can look forward to one of the most severe thrashings we've seen in this school." First, Granger straps her palms, hard, bringing tears. We hope her bottom gets the same treatment.

Monica goes OTK, skirt up, pants down, long legs, a tight hard bottom asking for attention. Easy to understand this actress' list of credits. After she stands, he slaps her thighs with a paddle and takes a few whacks at her vagina. Not your everyday headmaster. More OTK, some slippering, excellent high-quality closeups. Monica bends over a desk for the tawse--loud cracks and she cries out. Next is the strap, even harder, low camera angles upher legs. Monica hangs onto the desk, shaking it in her dismay.

A phone call interrupts, a regional school inspector is stopping in, and--Nurse Fisher has arrived for her evening follow-up, so Monica's caning needs to be accelerated. Seven firm strokes over a desk, then the classic bend-over touch-toes for 10 more, a posture which highlights Monica's noteworthy keister. Fisher enters and watches some of this--it is her shoplifter stepdaughter.

The demonic Doctor Granger is not finished. Monica doubles over the classic dunce stool and takes about 15 strokes with a fearsome birch bundle, administered with enough moderation that she can endure it. Fisher is forced to observe. Granger carefully fondles his handiwork. He concludes with "some kindness" of "special cream" he lasciviously applies.

So nervous Nurse Fisher, now dressed in erotic schoolgirl attire, is prepared for her second session. She has learned what the Headmaster likes. OTK, a steady spanking on neat white school panties. Over a desk, actress Ms. O'Brien presents a beautiful tableau for the strap.

At this moment, a new actor, a female school Inspector, steps in, is surprised to see the official school nurse, bare bottom-up, hands-on-head, facing the blackboard, wearing a questionable outfit, in the midst of punishment. The Inspector knows the procedures and check the punishment log and is generally displeased with this situation. The log book is sloppy and Nurse Fisher's transgressions must be reported. But there (always) is another way.

The Inspector will complete Fisher's spanking herself and overlook the policy issues. Back over the desk, the Inspector spanks and straps Fisher, hard and experienced. After a bit, they figure the Inspector must be statisfied. "But I'm not." "There's more?" Dialogue provides erotic tension.

Over the stool for a large martinet/cat 'o nine tails. Loud and colorful. Fisher sees Granger with the cane. "Oh God, do you have to?" The Inspector does the honors, seven mild strokes, before she assumes the "official position," the bend-over, for another set. Granger then birches her over the stool--he twists the twigs to tighten the bundle. Fisher is shocked to hear she must work in the school the rest of the day in front of the students in this uniform. At least she recovered her white panties from this second session.

The Inpsector has left a fancy pen behind. The headmaster calls school district headquarters. There was no inspector sent today. Who was this woman and what did she want?

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