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The Spy

Produced by Diseno Media HPS ( (2007)
Directed by Peter Schuber
Story by Klingsor Whip and Peter
Starring Niki Flynn as the Spy
Starring Peter Schuber and Helen as the German Officers
German language with subtitles
Running Time 50 minutes
Guest Review by Ronald Scott (7/27/07)

It is unusual that a single spanking actress could hold one's interest for a full 50 minute spanking movie. But when the actress is Niki Flynn it is more than possible ! I view this as one of the top spanking videos of the year due to Niki's great performance and the fine work here by Peter Schuber as the Nazi officer interrogating Niki.

As the movie starts, we see a male and female German officer in a french castle in occupied France during WW II.. They have heard a rumor that there may be a spy in their midst. They are concerned about the 4 native French translators working for them. Next, Niki, one of the translators, enters to give them some papers and leaves. Peter says "she will soon warm up to me. I will have her soon".

While criticizing the local French wine, they receive a phone call that Niki is suspected of being the spy. Peter gets a pistol and they both go to get Niki. Next we see Niki in a fetching white negligee being dragged down the castle stairs. They take her to the tack room of a horse stable in the castle basement and the woman leaves.

I find the acting by Peter and Helen and the script in the starting scenes a bit stereotyped. But the punishment scenes in the tack room feel very real with an increasingly frustrated and angry Peter punishing a frightened, stubborn (and very cute) Niki Flynn.

First Peter spanks Niki over her negligee and later pulls it up as the spanking continues. Niki (whose punishments feature wonderful face shots throughout) says "are you crazy" when Peter asks if she is a spy. He replies that "we are going to get it out of you".

Next he ties her to a chair with her hands tied behind her. This sequence features nice scenes of Niki struggling to free herself. He puts a pistol to her head but she still does not confess. After giving Niki time to think it over, he returns, and ties her hands over her head. Then in a nice scene he rips her negligee off, revealing Niki's great figure. The following fairly severe whipping gets better as it goes along and soon becomes one of the top punishments scenes of 2007. Near the end he says: "You're a spy"; Niki bravely replies "No, I'm on your side".

The two officers then meet and decide to keep punishing Niki to get her to confess. Niki who looks quite fetching kneeling on the floor after the whipping is tied face down to a long bench. The woman goes and gets a long strap and the man tells poor Niki "this is just what you need". The following strapping features great views of Niki's breasts and suffering face as the strapping goes on and on. It would be even better if the lighting on Niki's face was a bit brighter.

When it ends he tells Niki "I will be back tomorrow and that will be your last chance". She must sleep overnight on the straw covered floor or the hard wooden bench. In the morning, Peter and the woman holding a gun tie Niki over a table for a hard caning. As the caning continues he warns Niki that they "shoot spies".

At the end he, in frustration, rapes Niki from behind (in what I consider to be an unnecessary scene). Meanwhile Helen upstairs gets a phone call that they have made a mistake and Niki is not the spy. Next we hear a pistol shot from another room. Has Niki been shot? We never find out as that is the end of the movie proper.

Following is an interview with Niki about making the movie and some of the best video scenes from the feature.

I give this movie a 9.65 out of 10 for the great series of fairly severe punishment scenes starring the delicious Niki Flynn; and the video quality and sound are excellent throughout.

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