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The Sting

Year: 2001
43 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/25/09

'Three girls on a couch,' we can label this one. They are roommates. Two of the girls have raided the rent escrow stash and lost the 400 pd. wad on a racehorse. Thus the title--they are going to get stung for having got stung, and by a third roommate, and in-charge type.

Amber, a thin long-haired brunette, and a black girl, are going to get spanked, and they don't seem to mind. Amber is taken OTK along the couch, a slow and uneventful spanking on her black panties. She is pretty enough with her pants off. She kneels on the couch, following CalStar's normal humdrum routine, for the oval paddle, which the boss lady wields with skill and some ferocity. Nobody does any chattering. She fetches the cane and Amber must remove all her clothes.

We see 28 very hard strokes, with repeats mixed in. Heavy bottom marks. The intensity diminishes somewhat midway, as if they saw what was developing. Some sexy babyoil at the end, and a brief frontal glimpse.

The black girl comes next, once again having watched the proceedings. OTK on the couch--red panties. When her pants come down, the spanker: "Looks like you're enjoying this a bit too much." We know that can be fixed. The oval and floppy paddles restore decorum.

Clothes off for the cane. the same 28 strokes, rockers, full swing. Baby oil, and plenty of promises never to gamble again.

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