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The Therapist

year: 2003
59 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/16/10

Listed as a BJ Frazier film, with American actors. A familiar story--a female therapist uses spanking as treatment for her patients' fantasies. The set is an office, with its equipment just pushed off to the side. Even some minor medical accouterments would hve greatly enhanced the story line.

A thin pretty blonde plays the doctor. Her first patient is a youngish schoolgirl, dressed in the appropriate fantasy uniform. This young lady is daydreaming about being spanked by her teachers. The doctor's plan is to fulfill these imaginings with some "hands-on" examples. The doctor explains--these procedures involve handspanking, paddles, straps, and a cane.

The young brunette is fine with this and goes OTK quickly. A mostly silly handspanking on bunched white panties, but the sexy talk about her dreams helps. Over the desk (should have been a couch or a bench for a properly equipped spanking doctor) for more handspanking. Next come a tiny strap and a flexible plastic five-and-dime ruler. (We wish CalStar England had airfreighted their effective implements). At 11 minutes her panties come down; closeups of a spankable round bottom provide the only redeeming moments so far.

A hard leather paddle and a large double belt finally make some impression. Floor level camera accents actress's tush. In shifting positions she has let her panties drop from her thighs to her ankles, interfering with the fantasy. "Should you get punished for dropping your panties?" "No." "well,you will, so pick them up."

The doctor is a bit evil, with a large agenda. The student takes off her top and skirt and is maneuvered into the diaper position on the therapist's desk. The doc holds her legs high while she caresses secret places with an artist's paintbrush. Next comes an absolutely huge strap, worthy of some European producers, but it is used about as effectively as the paintbrush.

There is some whispered dialogue we were not sufficiently interested in to recover. The girl dresses and leaves for the bathroom, then returns for more "detention," which means, "I'm going to have to cane you." Over the desk again, panties down, the doctor teases her in nice places with the cane tip. The strokes are slow and irregular, zingers mixed with tap-taps, which increases the exotic stimuation as BSDM play. She counts out 10 to conclude. Maybe she got her therapy, but we didn't.

This is a long film. There is another patient, a tidy-looking burnette with upswept hair. We can condense the description of her treatment. OTK, skirt off, very nice keister package in red lace panties, garter belt, and stockings. Top and bra handed over while she is OTK.

Some bizarre rather unprofessional postures (American films use these distracting contortions): the girl does--how to describe it--a reverse OTK, face and elbows on the floor, knees straddling the doctor, bottom up on the doc's lap. Sexy and revealing, but hard to get a good whack at the buttocks. Over the desk again, in just the red panties for a huge wide paddle, looks like a kitchen cutting board, and once again, it could have sent her through the ceiling if it were used with conviction. Next, a big wooden spoon--some bruises and white circles.

Another bizarre position--splayed out face up flat on the desk as if she were staked out in the sun. Riding crop explores her breasts, thighs, and between. At last the red panties come off.

Then an implement we're sure we've never seen before--a long thin inch-wide hard wood whacker, bowed to strike plus wrap around the buttocks to catch some flank and thigh also. Nasty, and it looked like it did hurt a bit. "Thank you, doctor."

The kinky doctor sits on the edge of her desk and takes her patient onto her lap. We conclude with another diaper position for the cane. The tappity-taps are fine, but she really screams at the sudden hard ones, which makes the anticipation all the sweeter.

Her session concludes--they exchange home telephone numbers, the doctor reorganizes herself and does what you'd predict, on the phone: "Send in my next appointment."

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