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The Thief

15 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 3/14/08

A fancy blonde is on the phone, sipping wine. We've seen her before, all of her, as a bruntette on both ends of spanking. She can really dish it out, at least Calstar style. We think specifically and fondly of "An English Compromise." Here, she's awaiting the arrival of an agency maid. Helena, a tall redhead, arrives. "Oh, my God," exclaims the blonde madame, because this maid is too exotic for the job, but we can see she's got what we need to complete this video.

Helena gets her instructions, starts to tidy up, and instantly pockets some valuables. She's caught at once (we've only got 15 minutes here!). "We'll have to call the agency." But there's always that alternative solution.

She has a riding crop at the ready. "Take your jeans off, down now, quick." She's a wonderful dominatrix. Helena bends over for a mild cropping on white panties. "Pull your pants down. Follow me upstairs for your caning." Upstairs, we see 15 cane strokes on her pants, pulled back up in transit, and then about 15 more on the bare (some repeats). She's made to take her top and bra off along the way, the Calstar formula. The last six strokes are very hard. Then our blonde, who gets increasingly excited as she intensifies her punishment, takes a photo of Helena's well-striped and very attractive bottom.

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