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The Thieves

Directed and Written by Peter Schober
Starring: Nicol
Peter Schober as The Farmer
Helen Schober as His Wife
50 Minutes

Second Review by MARS posted 9/17/10

There is a certain sadistic edge to P4F which falls a little outside our sphere of interest. However, some of the institutional settings and associated machinery we have found very erotic. The production values and the pink bottoms are consistently outstanding.

In this performance, two very cute and demurely garbed girls, actresses Nicole and Valerie, play peasant girls caught stealing food on a manor estate. The setting is elegant, an actual vintage stone farm complex. The stark and barren walls play well against the innocent flesh of the two damsels. A gothic musical soundtrack covers the girls' discovery and capture by P4F's Peter Schuber and his wife. Enough of this, they decide "flogging would be best."

Blond Nicole is taken first, strung up by her wrists in a stable-like room, very medieval. Her back is bared to the waist. The stringing-up process contains the intended b&d elements. The wife keeps the rope taut while Peter whips her upper back. It is a moderate whipping, appropriate because Nicole will be getting more.

"Now it's your turn," to brunette Valerie, an elegantly fine-featured young lady with small youthful breasts. She spits on Peter during the whipping and earns more. Some of the strokes nick flesh.

The girls are released at this point. Silly geese, they throw stones at the crofters, draw blood from Peter's scalp, are recaptured and thrown back in the locked room. "Bloody foreigners," mutters Peter. They're going to give them "a proper hiding this time."

Nicole is pulled out of the room and stripped naked, to be beaten first. Peter spanks her on the ground first, then ties her full-length face down on a bench, in a posture we see mostly in Russian or Eastern European films. P4F is German.

Tied to the bench outside in open sunlight, Peter whips the blonde's bottom with his belt, then his wife takes some shots. Peter has a cane. He takes about 50 cracks. The strokes are moderate, we don't see all of them fall, and her bottom marks might not reflect such a caning, but we enjoyed her innocent struggling on the bench in the chichi barnyard. She is untied and thrown back in the locked room, naked.

The brunette is pulled out of the room, stripped below the waist, tied over a harvest table, and caned on her muscular bottom. About 60 strokes, fast marks appear, welts arise. Her small hard buttocks afford the gap between her legs. Better closeups and obliques here. She is released and stands bare bottomed in the courtyard. The girls are chased off naked, their clothes thrown after them. No stone throwing this time.

Original Review by David Pierson

In only a few short months of existence, Pain4Fem studios has rapidly become one of the most popular producers of Corporal Punishment video erotica in the world. Pain4fem has become a leader in the new wave movement of CP erotica by incorporating imaginative, yet perverse screenplays, top flight videograhy and by featuring some of the loveliest young women ever to grace the screen of your television set or computer screen.

'The Thieves' is another brilliant success for the creative team of Pain4Fem studios.

In many ways, 'The Thieves' is a story about the punishment of the "have nots" for their foolish attempt to steal the sustenance from the "have a little mores".

As the story opens, the camera pans back to reveal the sight of two lovely peasant girls (Nichol and Valerie), lying in wait for their chance to plunder the house of a local farmer and his wife. The girls saw their opportunity as the farmer and his wife left the farm house to survey their property and perform the chores required on those who work the land.

Once the farmer and his spouse were out of view, our lovely young thieves made their way to the shed in which the farmer had stored his crops. It was clear that this farmer was no rich landowner. The farmer and his wife scratched out a meager existence in a difficult and unforgiving terrain.

Once they found where the farmer stored his "bounty", the girls proceeded to steal as much as they could carry. The little thieves were positively giddy with their take.

Perhaps the farmer and his spouse would have been more lenient with the young burglars if they had only taken enough to sustain themselves instead of being willing to leave the farmer and his wife with nothing.

As the girls giggled over their good fortune, the farmer and his spouse returned unexpectedly and apprehend the little thieves. After a short struggle the farmer and his spouse locked the two in a storage room. "What shall we do with them?", the wife asked the farmer. After a moment, the farmer replied, "We shall give them a good lashing!"

First to feel the sting of the farmer's whip was the fair skinned, blonde Nichol. She was dragged into the barn by the two aggrieved tillers of the soil. Her back was bared; her hands were bound with rope. The rope was fastened over a beam in the roof of the barn. The farmer's spouse then pulled on the rope until the lovely young girl was left helpless, her arms pulled above her head, naked from the waist up.

The farmer picked up a thick strap and showed it to the helpless young girl. She gasped when she saw the thick, black implement of chastisement.

Nichol cried out as the first of many lashes from the thick strap landed upon her smooth white skin. Her punishment was not concluded until the smooth white skin of her back was made red and welted.

After her ordeal, Nichol could barely stand. She was assisted back to her area of confinement by the vengeful farmers.

Next, the fiery, dark haired Valerie was led into the barn for her turn to taste the pain of the lash. Valerie too was stripped to the waist and her arms tied together and fastened to the beam on the roof of the barn. Unlike Nichol who was terrified, Valerie was defiant. When the farmer went to show her the implement of punishment that was soon to welt the skin of her back, she spit in his face. This was most likely, not the most intelligent action that the dark haired beauty made that day. The Farmer took a special delight in whipping the back of this beautiful, but unrepentant young woman. Valerie tried to maintain her composure as the lash fell heavily upon her back. But soon she was crying out for mercy as the thick strap found its mark time and again on her back. After absorbing a ferocious whipping Valerie was no longer in a defiant mood.

After a time, the two young thieves were escorted to the front gate of the farm and admonished never to return. After walking several feet, Valerie's anger got the best of her. She bent down and picked up a handful of stones and shouted "Fuck you asshole!" Nichol foolishly joined her companion in pelting the farming couple with stones. The Farmer tolerated this bit of youthful petulance for a time, understanding that their pride, as well of their backs had been injured from the chastisement they had suffered.

The Farmer's understanding came to an abrupt end, when the fiery Valerie hurled a rock along with invective. This rock stuck the Farmer on his head, drawing blood. Within seconds Valerie and Nichol were back in the clutches of the Farmer and wife. Valerie was locked in a shed while Nichol was prepared to take another severe chastisement. Nichol was stripped naked and forced face down on the ground. With his wife holding the lovely blonde in place, the farmer spanked Nichol's unprotected bottom hard with his large hand. After the hand spanking, Nichol was lifted from the ground and tied face down to a nearby bench. The farmer removed the belt from his trousers and began to welt the already reddened flesh of Nichol's bottom. The girl cried out with each blow of the belt. Not satisfied that this girl had been properly punished he then began to beat the young girl with a cane. The girl screamed as the cane began to stripe her naked bottom. Nichol's bottom was beaten until it was bruised and welted. When her ordeal was over, Nichol could barely walk. After locking the girl in the shed it was Valerie's turn to taste the cane. Dragged from the shed by the Farmer and his wife, the spirited girl with the dark hair was bent over a tale, stripped from the waist down and given a hard hand spanking across her bare bottom. After her hand spanking was complete, Valerie was fastened to the table with her bottom held in ideal position for chastisement. Soon, Valerie was crying in pain as blow after blow of the thick cane struck her vulnerable and tender bottom. Feeling that the dark haired girl was the leader of the two miscreants, he punished her even more severely than Nichol.

At the conclusion of Valerie's punishment the young thieves were led to the front gate, clothes in hand. With a kick to the bottoms of these well punished girls, the farmer sent them on their way. This time there was no act of defiance from the would- be thieves. Tearfully, they walked arm in arm down the path leading away from the farm.

'The Thieves' is a major achievement for Pain4Fem studios. This film is highly imaginative and had the feel of a cautionary erotic fairy tale. Pain4Fem studios is one of a few companies pushing the boundaries of what is possible in corporal punishment erotica.

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