Review by: John O'Connell

This company currently has only three videos up for sale, with a forth one said to be on the way. When looking at their site, the beauty of the models certainly grabs one's interest. David and I both tried emailing them a while a go, but there was no response, so I put this on the back burner. However, a reader emailed me recently stating he purchased videos from them and received them package in good order. Upon further investigation, I found that one may now download the videos via streaming content. Since it's the cheaper option, I decided to go that route, so I can comment on that method. There are actually several ways and places that this can be accomplished. I tried 2 different places. This video I downloaded via Cal-Star's downloadable video service. The other video, Modern Madness, I purchased the option available right from Spankotronic's website. I'll comment on that when I post the review of Modern Madness. I actually found the site by accident while changing the links to Cal Star. (Click here for the direct link to the pay per view site) I chose the download the video to your hard drive option. I didn't read the description that closely, so when I saw DVD quality, I assumed you would be able to keep the downloaded file and watch it as often as you like. Well, it's kind of like that, but not really. It's $12.95 for seven days or $14.95 for thirty days. You first have to download some type of file transfer software and then download the file itself. It's the full file, so expect it to take a little while if you are on DSL or Cable and don't bother if you are on dial up. The file was literally over 200 MB. The file is encrypted, so each time you try and play it, a window will come up asking for your username and password to get the license. Once it gets the license, you can play the video. It will do this each time, so once your time has expired, you can no longer play the video. The quality of the video is no doubt very good, but I'm not sure I'd say it's DVD quality. I haven't seen any other videos from this particular source, so it might have been the best quality they could obtain from whatever they were encoding the file from. Anyway, on to the video itself.

The video opens with a pretty brunette dressed in a light blue sleeveless shirt and jeans. She has been hired to clean a house and we watch her dust and perform other acts of cleaning. While cleaning the desk, our young lady decides to investigate the drawers and finds some cash. However the lady of the house finds her finding the cash and isn't too happy about it. One thing about this part is that there isn't much talking. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just thought I'd make mention of it. The spanking lasts a good 12-15 minutes in total and is all over the knee. First over the jeans, then on her pink panties, and then finally on the bare. The smacks are fairly hard, but not Real Spankings hard. She does end up with a nice red bottom when all is said and done. Not a whole lot of reactions either. The brunette does move around a little and run her fingers through her hair, but not much in way of expression or protest.

The second part features a pretty blonde that has been arrested by a store's undercover security guard. She brings the miscreant into the office with her hands handcuffed behind her back. I thought that was a nice touch. The blonde is made to face the wall while the handcuffs are removed and is then patted down for any other stolen merchandise. The security guard unfolds a metal chair and then brings the young blonde over her knee. Her dress is raised and she is given a sound spanking over her black panties. This scene has a little more verbiage in it than the last one. The blonde protests, tries to block the smacks and the guard has her comments to offer as well. The panties come down for more over the knee action on the bare. After a few moments, the panties come up and the young lady things she's finished. Not so, she is made to bend over that metal chair and is given a round of whacks on the bare bottom with a thin belt. Again, not Real Spankings hard, but satisfactory.

The last scene is called a "bonus scene" most likely because it's only a few moments long. However, the blonde girl getting spanked in this scene is smoking. It's worth watching over and over again. Maybe it's me, but she's one of those that if you passed her in the train station, you'd actually whip your head around to look at her again. Don't really know why she's getting spanked, but she's in the same office the last girl was in. She immediately pulls her jeans down and is positioned over the knee. The spanker pulls down this lovely blondes white panties and proceeds to spank her bare bottom. Not the hardest spanking I've ever seen, but it'll do. Again, the scene only lasts a few minutes, but just watching this particular girl receive her spanking is worth whatever time is spent.

Spankotronic is a new company, so much really isn't expected off the bat. I don't know what they have in store for the future, but if they keep using models that look like the ones featured in this video, I think they have some real possibilities. The spankings were not the hardest around, but in the first to scenes they were pretty lengthy. Check out the website and look at the photos and the sample clip that go with this video. If over the knee spanking is your thing, I think you'll be happy with this production. Running time is around 40 minutes.

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