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I recently purchased this video from Spanking Online's website. First, I have to say, the delivery time was rather quick from England to the U.S. Only took 8 or 9 days. The story line is there are 2 female soldiers that are sent to the military prison for treason type charges. They are given a choice of 24 strokes with the cane or 1 year in jail. They choose the jail term. The blonde is really cute, with a nice body and small bum. The brunette is a little larger, but still nice looking. The uniforms are pretty authentic looking and the set looks pretty good as well. The first spanking scenario starts with the 2 girls in their cell. (they still have their hats on, which I'm not sure why, but anyway) The girls try and get the guard to let them free and tell him they will give him whatever he wants if he lets them go. He takes them out of the cell and informs them he can't be bribed and they will now be punished. He spanks each girl one at a time, with the other one standing by the wall. The blonde girl is first and he first spanks them over the pants, then panties, and finally on the bare butt. The session is a fair amount of time and he uses a paddle and a belt in addition to his hand. After they each get spanked on the bare, he has them take off their shirts and jackets, so they are just wearing their bras (pants and panties are down). The session continues for a few more rounds of spanking and then they are allowed to re-dress.
The next scenario features them in a physical education class type setting wearing shorts and a t-shirt. After doing some exercises, they are bent over, made to pull their shorts and panties down and are spanked on the bare butt. This is a fairly short sequence, but nice anyway. They are now sent to be punished again, and this time have their hands tied up above them on a pole while they face each other. They are strapped with some type of whip (like a cat o' nine tails) over their pants. After a few minutes, the guards pull the girls pants down and whip them over the panties. They are not whipped hard, but I liked this scene anyway. Only thing is you never see the blonde from behind, just the front. Sort of odd, you think they would have changed the camera angle to give you a reverse shot. This session goes for a little while, with the brunette getting punished longer than the brunette. There is no bare-butt action in this scene, which is too bad. That would have been a nice finish to this scene. Probably my biggest complaint about the film.
The final scene features the canning. The girls finally decide to take the 24 strokes and be done with this. They are both made to strip naked and are given 6 strokes at a time and then made to switch. In other words, the blonde gets 6 strokes, then the brunette gets 6, then another 6 for the blonde, ect. This was a nice finish and they really got some good strokes. I really thought this was a good video. The price wasn't bad, the wait for the tape wasn't very long at all, and the quality of the video was good. The girls got some pretty hard and some good strokes with the cane. The sounds and picture quality was average and the running time is a little over an hour.

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