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This Time The Cane

60 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/18/09

A BJ Frazier film. Gemini is female disciplinarian, a dominatrix for hire. She receives a call at her office. A table with spanking implements arrayed suggests what is to come. Soon we see a woman, Miss Natalia, a very tall, runway-glamorous brunette, approach the office with reluctance. Gemini greets her and locks the door behind them. it seems Natalia's husband has complained about an ineffective disciplinary session from Gemini and has bargained a free re-do.

We always love this scenario of reluctant voluntary acceptance of spanking, the best of bad choices to be made, like a visit to the dentist or the gynecologist. The girl knows what is coming and must go through with it.

Gemini is angry about this failure and takes Natlaie OTK immediately. Skirt up, thong exposed, a fast hard experienced handspanking. "This is just the beginning.We have the whole afternoon."

Natalia kneels on a couch for a long strapping session on her big perfect bottom. Full-length on the couch for a doubled belt. The posture permits views of her face. "I'll have to keep you overnight--a couple of days." This is all about continuous torment. Natalia sits on a couch, bra and thong, knees spread, Gemini straps her inner thighs.

More strapping. "I'm going to move back and forth from your bottom to your inner thighs....all of this is a warmup for that lovely cane." Natalia finally removes her bra and thong and kneels up on a formal glasstop table --so unbelievably naked. Gemini scolds her--this training is to make her "open, ready, and waiting for your husband." Angles from the rear, below, and even through the glass from beneath. Nowhere to hide for Natalia, and not a hair to be seen.

Every sort of spanking today. The embossed heavy leather paddle, a red plastic paddle in the diaper position, a big tawse, a doubled belt. Gemini directs Natalia to carry the cane collection to the bedroom and lays them out so she can see them. Some strap warmups. "Take a good look at them."

The caning begins. Natalia holds one cane between her teeth--dog with his leash. After all this, the caning is weak and boring. but Natalia's nude gyrations on the bed divert. The film ends with one of our favorite scenes, a naked bottom followed up a flight of stairs.

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