The Girls of St. Thrashmore

Directed by Yoni
Written and produced by Tasha Lee, Kelly Payne, and Yoni
Guest Review by: Aldus W. Huckster 3/20/06

This video stars one of my all time favorites, Kelly Payne, and a new favorite Tasha Lee, with Crystyne and Adele Phi

The opening scene has Kelly explaining to Tasha (in that wonderful New Yawk/Longg Island accent) just how St. Thrashmore works, and how she and the school believe in corporal punishment to keep the girls in check. Immediately we are taken to an outside scene in which Tasha catches Crystyne and Adele smoking. This is a very bad infraction of the rules, so she immediately takes the girls inside to receive their punishment. She explains hesitantly that because of the rules she will have to spank them, while at the same time admitting that she does not believe in spanking, and has never done it before, but as they say "someone has to do it". She even asks the girls for advice and to tell her how it is normally done. Just as you would think, with her being so na´ve, the girls take her down the primrose path. When told they have to have bare bottoms, they respond by saying "actually you don't have to do that, you can spank us over our skirts. Na´ve Tasha does just that. She then lifts their skirts, and even compliments them on their pretty panties. I found this naivety quite charming, and different from the norm, which had great appeal for me. Then it's time for the panties to come down. I was expecting this and was not disappointed. While she is spanking them she says, while apologizing, "They told me I have to do this, but several times you can see this sly smile on her face, and I found that appealing as well. I must say that Tasha really grew on me as I watched this video. I really began to see the beauty of this lovely lady. Kelly then enters the room, swinging a hairbrush in her right hand, very forebodingly. When Kelly finds out they were smoking she tells them that what Tasha was doing was not hard enough, and now they are going to feel the pain for what they did. And she tells Tasha, "you were not doing it right". Watch me and you will learn". Well, true to her word it's three rounds of very hard, over the knee, bare bottom spanking that leaves them red and bruised. Next it's time to be paddled while kneeling on a wooden coffee table, with their beautiful bottoms straight up in the air, and Oh what a paddling. And in this position we get to see those beautiful "sweet spots" that only women have, if you know what I mean. Finally it's a paddling with three different wooden paddles, and when it's over they are bruised and welted. While doing this Kelly uses her famous move of removing her blouse. I have always loved how she works this into a video. And now it's time to really show Tasha how it's done. First she sits her down and tells her the rules of the school are not just for students, but for teachers as well, and that she needs a good spanking. Tasha breaks into laughter, which only makes Kelly angry. It's really great when Kelly says, in that New Yawkese "I am going to make your Tush Red". And redden it she does, first over the knee by hand, and then in the same kneeling position on the coffee table that the girls were in. She uses 7 or 8 different implements including tawse, hairbrush, wood paddle, leather paddle, etc.

I really liked this video. I found it refreshing with the inclusion of new faces, and one of my favorites. I would recommend it to any spankophile. The video quality and production values are very good. The camera angles, close-ups, and other views are terrific.

I give this video a very hearty recommendation. On the Spank-O-Meter I give this video an 8.5 out of 10.

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