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F/F M/F reviewed by S

I just saw a video that was great! This video was from a new producer called DST productions. That means "Dallas Spanks Tiki". This video is an amateur tape that had severe spankings, strappings, cane whipping(severe) the belt,paddles! everything! The video starts out with two women sitting on a couch with one very perturbed about one of the girls forgetful ways. The one tall stern girl marches the demure girl (Tiki) over to a chair for a paddling but first makes her fetch a glass of water where after drinking some (while the one girl lays bare bottomed across her lap.) pours the rest over the girls bottom and then proceeds to lay into her bare wet bottom with a black wooden paddle. Dallas show up and decides to spank this girl named "Jewel" with his hand while she bends over a chair. This girls bottom is blistered and very marked when Dallas is done! Jewel then straps Tiki very severely while Tiki tries to apologize. Dallas finds Tiki standing against the wall with a very red bottom and ends up strapping Tiki . The next segment is s real punishment whipping given to Tiki with a very mean little whip Tiki strains against that whip as she recieves a serious whipping! (Real Stuff!) There is a real fun little scene where Tiki plays the part of a hotel worker, a naughty little rude employee who is punished by a guest of the hotel funny and very authentic. Then another real punishment where Tiki is given 157 hard licks with a thick leather belt.No words pass between them as this punishment is endured you can hear Tiki sobbing as Dallas is relentless with that belt. (Fans of real domestic discipline will love this one! Then (I was spent after this one!) Tiki recieves 24 hard strokes of a cane while standing totally naked in front of a fire place with a fire going. The cane actually breaks apart with the force of the caning! She is then paddled, strapped and whipped across a bed after the caning with the cane stripes still fresh. three paddles,two straps,two whips! This tape is awesome! It can be purchased at www.dallasspankstiki.com where you will find a great trailer and photos from this amazing tape in the exclusive products area.

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