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Times Get Harder

time: 40 Minutes
Review by MARS posted on 2/4/11

The twin towers, queens Miss Brown and Miss Chambers, neither of whom wants to be caught spanking less hard than the other, are in a shabby basement-like recreation room with two "prisoners," both of whom have been awarded 50 strokes of the strap and 50 with the cane for various misdemeanors. The women are dressed in uniform-like sharp blouses, neckties, short blue skirts, and high heels. As always when these two actresses perform, you are torn as to who should discipline whom.

The girls are in T-shirts with prisoner numbers and shorts. Miss Brown paces and menaces with her skin-crawling low threatening tones. Prisoner #682, a chunky blonde, is first over the trestle for a cavity check. Nobody snaps on rubber gloves quite like Brown. #679, a very tall dark-skinned girl is checked next--Brown finds some drugs in an intimate place.

#682 is tied to the trestle, wrists and ankles. The fastenings in this film are time-consuming, and such bondage is rare for British CP films in our recollection. Brown pulls her pants down and Chambers goes to work with a long tawse, only moderate, and the girl's cries are silly. Lefty Brown takes over and slashes harder. Two tawses at once, good angles--we hoped they'd do this. #682 is released - slowly.

#679 is fastened next. The women seem to tawse her harder. We go through the same process for blonde #682 all over again--Brown pulls down her pants and Chambers steps into the batter's box with the cane--20 hard, wristy shots counted aloud by the prisoner, white marks on her red bottom. Brown takes over the cane for 10 moire, and harder. The two women alternate to whip the final 20 strokes, and each turned on by the other. Rousing. Good bruises and some minor flecks of blood.

Prisoner #682 has been watching. She is tied down--15 from Chambers, 15 from Brown, then 20 in tandem. For good measure, they add 4 very hard strokes as a coda. Brown bawls the girls out for a few minutes while their bottoms ring like bells.

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