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To Catch A Thief

Written and Directed by Karl Strong
Starring: Miss Brown
Nina Birch as Nina Birch
Saffy as Sarah Jayne
Review by David Pierson

In my opinion ' To Catch A Thief' will, one day, be regarded as one of the most important corporal punishment films ever made. In this spectacular production, the creative team at Miss Marchmont studios has turned the genre of the schoolgirl spanking video on its head. This one breaks all of the rules. Most schoolgirl videos (British or otherwise) are light affairs while Miss Marchmont's 'To Catch A Thief' is not for the faint of heart. The punishments inflicted upon the lovely bottoms of Saffy and Nina Birch are extremely harsh. (If you are suffer from a medical condition consult your physician prior to viewing this video.) Karl Strong is becoming a creative power of note within the UK's CP video industry. His work is highly erotic, creative and ever so dark in tone.

The cast of 'To Catch A Thief' deserves a great deal of the credit for the success of this groundbreaking video production. Miss Brown is truly fearsome in the role of the merciless Headmistress. She is an expert dominant who brings a controlled intensity to the role. Miss Brown's controlled fury is directed towards the lovely bottoms of Saffy, in the role of Sarah Jayne, and Nina Birch. Both Nina and Saffy were spectacular in their roles as the punished schoolgirls.

The story of these ill-fated young schoolgirls is at once highly entertaining, erotically stimulating and disturbing.

As the production opens, schoolgirl Sarah Jayne has been summoned to the office of the terrifying Miss Brown. It had come to the Headmistress' attention that Sarah Jayne had been apprehended in the act of shoplifting from a local shop. Once confronted, Sarah Jayne readily admitted to her guilt. Miss Brown then demanded to know who had accompanied the naughty schoolgirl on her crime spree. Sarah Jayne claimed that she was alone in the commission of her offence. Less then amused with Sarah Jayne's response, Miss Brown sternly noted that it was an established fact that she had an accomplice in this act of theft. Despite the fact that she was in the presence of the wrathful Miss Brown, Sarah Jayne held fast and denied having been accompanied while stealing from the local shopkeeper. Thus begins the ordeal of Sarah Jayne. Sarah Jayne was subjected to a very severe session of corporal punishment until she surrendered the name of her partner in crime. Miss Brown took the girl across her knee and subjected her to a severe, bare bottom, over the knee hand spanking. Despite being in obvious distress, Sarah Jayne persisted in her refusal to surrender the name of her comrade in crime. She was then bent over Miss Brown's desk and her naked bottom was subjected to a long and intense session with a tawse, ruler and wooden paddle. Only after her bottom was beaten raw by the irate headmistress did Sarah Jayne shout out " It was Nina Birch Miss...Nina Birch!" Once the matter of obtaining the identity of Sarah Jayne's accomplice was resolved, the very brave schoolgirl was subjected to an intense and long session with the cane. The caning was truly fearsome to behold.

Once Sarah Jayne's punishment was concluded, Miss Brown summoned Nina Birch to her office. As Nina entered the office she was shocked by the sight of her comrade in crime facing the wall with her naked, red bottom on display. Confronted by Miss Brown, Nina initially denied any involvement in the theft. She finally admitted to her involvement after it was pointed out that her name was given up by her mate only after absorbing a fearsome beating. Soon, Nina found herself over her Headmistresses knee and was absorbing an intense bare bottom over the knee spanking. Once Nina's initial punishment was completed both girls were subjected to a severe hand strapping. Nina took three lashes across the palm of her right hand while Sarah Jayne took eight. Each blow from the strap nearly brought the girls to their knees.

Once the chastisement of the offending appendages was over, Nina was then required to bend over Miss Brown's desk and her lovely bottom was subjected to an intense session with the tawse, paddle and cane.

'To Catch a Thief' is clearly one of the most unique and satisfying schoolgirl videos ever produced. Most schoolgirl CP videos are done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. This is not the case with this fantastic production. Miss Brown, Nina Birch and Saffy all played their roles with amazing authenticity. Nina Birch has told me that she uses fear as motivation for her performances on camera. She noted that she was deeply afraid of Miss Brown. I must say that her fear was completely understandable. After all, she had read the script.

With 'To Catch A Thief' Miss Marchmont studios has clearly established itself as a major force among the new wave producers of spanking video erotica.


The ladies at Miss Marchmont Productions have taken their academy girls theme and incorporated a viewer-requested discipline feature into their film "To Catch a Thief". For fans of severe schoolgirl discipline, this film is top shelf. The Headmistress Office set features a broad oak desk and a straight back chair to serve as suitable backdrops for the severe, no-nonsense school punishments administered here. Quality camera work combined with the uncluttered set and detail-perfect costuming allows full focus on the tense, discipline dialogue and stern and uncompromising punishments meted out.

Sternly posed at her sturdy yet austere desk in front of a formidable array of implements, headmistress Miss Brown awaits her miscreant, Sarah Jane (played by Saffi). Sarah Jane was caught shoplifting by a local merchant and turned into the school for discipline, while her classmate accomplice escaped. Sarah Jane's costuming detail is lovely: the bands of her suspendered stockings stick well out from beneath her skirt. Combined with her attitude and posture, she has the perfect bad girl look. Miss Brown wishes to know who the second girl in the shoplifting caper was, but Sarah Jane is determined to maintain her silence. Sarah Jane's lack of cooperation leaves Miss Brown only one clear choice about how to get that information: sharp punishment until she breaks and reveals the name of the other student.

Miss Brown starts with a hard hand spanking on Sarah Jane's regulation navy blue knickers which progresses to a bare bottom hand spanking. Miss Brown reminds Sarah Jane throughout that she has all day to get the truth out of her and proceeds to prove it by working through a full range of hard spankings. Sarah Jane's resistance leads her disciplinarian to select harsher implements. Miss Brown selects a very thick, double tongue strap and lays it on hard. Sarah Jane receives 2 very hard sets of strokes that make her knees buckle. She emits deep; stomach-wrenching cries yet maintains her silence. Her next spanking is cut short when the ruler breaks across her stubborn behind. Replaced with a thicker, ruler-shaped paddle that licks her behind hard leaving white-hot spots of pain, Miss Brown fiercely paddles on. At the stroke of eight, Sarah Jane breaks and admits it was Nina Birch. Nina is summoned while Sarah Jane is placed against the wall, kneeling on the wooden chair.

Nina arrives, looking sweet, innocent, and deceptively pretty. Stocking tops discretely covered by her hemline, she is a cunning and polar opposite of Sarah Jane. Nina denies involvement, but Miss Brown cuts her off excuses to reveal Sarah Jane's confession. Nina's true colors show when she blames her misfortune on Sarah Jane for tattling on her. Nina's lush, ripe body is perfect for the spanking she is about to receive. Her pain threshold is apparently lower than Sarah Jane's; she whimpers right away as she is given a hard over-the-knee hand spanking. Much noisier than her friend, Nina pleads futilely for a second chance. Instead, her panties are lowered, and Miss Brown continues spanking her firmly on her shapely rear end before bending her over a chair for still more. Nina's bottom is thoroughly red by the time her hand spanking is completed.

For the shoplifting punishment, Miss Brown selects a fearsome, thick senior cane for the job. Sarah Jane gets hers first. The first set of 6 lands right on top of the paddle marks. Sarah Jane is caned so intensely hard she shakes the desk trying to shake the pain from her rear. Close-ups reveal precisely how intense the caning was. She takes an extra 3 very hard and very fast at the end for not confessing right away. Tight, precision caning with deep imprint marks leave no doubt how harsh the punishment was.

School discipline fans will thrill to the hard hand strapping follows. It is very hard for both girls to take; Sarah Jane can't watch the strap coming, yet earns herself a double dose for laughing. Beautiful camera play on their contorted faces illustrates their pain dramatically.

Following the hand spanking, Miss Brown continues on with disciplining Nina's sassy behind. The first stroke of the double tongue strap makes her scream, and each stroke continues to get lots of reaction from Nina as she frantically squirms and wiggles beneath it. Miss Brown proceeds to paddle Nina with the wooden paddle. The worst of weasels, Nina tries to escape midway by ratting out Sarah Jane, and instead earns every bit of the fierce and merciless intensity she receives. Nina does not escape the cane, either. She has a harder time with it than her partner, and she makes a huge fuss throughout. The cane makes her squeal and dance. She stomps her foot, wiggles, wags her bottom from side to side in a futile attempt to throw off the pain. Despite her theatrics, she receives several bent over and touching her toes. Sarah Jane sneaks peeks at Nina's distress and is quite pleased with what she sees, and even sticks her tongue out at Nina.

This is school girl discipline at its hardest. The discipline is harsh and unbending. The very attractive girls display their distress with moving, authentic mannerisms that convey the pain they feel piercingly. With minimal set distractions and clean camera work, the focus is fully on the chastisement these well-punished girls receive.

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