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Too Many Fathers

Starring: Ester Salbá as Anna, the daughter
Tereza Tomášková as the mother
Jan Zlatoúst? as third Step-father
Pavel Štastn? as second Step-father
Thomáš Gumsa as first Step-father
Running Time: Approximately 30 minutes
2nd Review by Ronald Scott

Too Many Fathers is set in a dark period of Czech history. During WW II parts of Czechoslovakia were ruled by Germany and then after the war Czechoslovakia was ruled by the Communists. Times were tough for the average family, especially a family without a father. As a result the beautiful daughter played by red-head Ester Slaba is mistreated and given CP by a whole series of substitute fathers. Ester, who has had prominent roles in both Lupus's The Noise and The Nightmare, is good again here and the acting is excellent by a large cast.

As the movie opens, Ester is being interrogated in a police station (the reason is not yet clear) and she says her dad was taken away by the Gestapo and not seen since. Next we see her at home with her mom; obviously the household is very poor. Luckily Ester brightens things up by wearing a short skirt. Ester removes her dress and later a robe as her mom sews a button on her dress. Normally not worth mentioning but here it is a highlight as Ester is quite a sexy girl !

Soon we see a new "father" (really her Mom's boyfriend) and he has some money to throw around. That's the good news. The bad news is that he tries to take advantage of Ester as she is taking a bath. He grabs her towel and she runs away. Next her Mom gives her a short spanking for supposedly lying about this. Her Mom throughout is more interested in finding a well-to-do husband than in her poor daughter's welfare.

The boyfriend does not marry Ester's mom and soon we see both of them sitting around unhappy. Mom is drinking and says Ester ruined her luck (with the boyfriend).

Soon "father" number 2, a sailor arrives with some food. We soon see that his interests are the same as "father" number 1, as he puts Ester on his lap. Later Ester is trying to sleep on the couch as the sailor, his friend, and her mom are drinking and making noise. Soon the sailor (well played by Pavel Stastny) is spanking poor Ester for hitting the 2nd sailor because he tried to take her dress off. During this long spanking scene, Ester fights hard to get free; unfortunately the struggle removes the erotic impact of this scene for me.

Rudy, the sailor, continues to buy food and household items for the family but also continues to spank Ester with her mother's approval. Soon Mom joins the Communist party who has infiltrated Czechoslovakia after WW II, and meets "father" number 3 who she describes as a "Pedant, pretty sharp". Soon Stalin's picture is on the wall. Father 3 (Jan Zlatoústý who you may remember from Lupus's Wild Party and Wild Party II) sees Ester on her hands and knees washing the floor and he gets a glimpse under her skirt at her very nice ass. Rudy, the sailor, enters and interrupts this nice domestic scene and the Communist father tells him he has been kicked out and tells him to leave. Dad now keeps Ester washing the floor while he and Mom eat dinner so he can keep looking under her skirt.

In a flash-forward, Ester then tells the police interrogator that Jan stays on and is the worst of the three because the others spanked her when they were angry but he spanks her for every little thing. Ester is now seen kneeling and crying on the floor as her mother and Jan listen to the radio. It is announced that the Communists have taken over; soon Jan becomes a big-wig in the new government.

Well the big-wig marries Ester's Mom because it does not look right for an important official to be "shacking up" with his girlfriend. A party to celebrate the wedding then occurs in the home; everyone is quite drunk. Mom has passed out and Ester cleans the table like a servant (you'd think she was an orphan from the way her Mom allows her to be treated). Ester accidentally breaks a plate. Jan grabs her and spanks her. She asks Mom to help but Jan says "I'm your Dad now".

Mom holds her down as Dad slowly takes his belt off and straps her quite hard. This is the best and most erotic scene in the movie for me. That her own Mom holds her down adds to the impact; her Mom says "you want to drive my hew husband away" as he hits the beautiful girl hard with the strap. As the welts rapidly mount on Ester's bottom, her cries add to the eroticism inherent in this scene.

Next as Mom continues to hold her down, he rapes her from behind. Mom says "you'll find out who is head of the household now" as poor Ester cries out "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" for her real father. Next we see her waking at home with her Mom on the floor murdered with an ax.

Then there are several scenes at the police station; a suspect is brought in and it is the sailor Rudy. Although Rudy is innocent, Jan, because of his government influence, frames the sailor for the murder. The police captain and Jan are seen having a friendly conversation filled with Communist slogans of the time. Jan takes Ester's hand but she holds her chair and won't leave. Jan and the guard force her up and take her out as some Communist music of the time completes the picture.

So we have an unhappy ending but some nicely erotic scenes brighten the otherwise dark mood of this movie. Overall, I rate it 8.75 out of 10 for the ethereal and sexy Ester Slaba and the excellent acting of the rest of the cast.

Too Many Fathers

Starring: Ester Salbá as Anna, the daughter
Tereza Tomášková as the mother
Jan Zlatoúst? as third Step-father
Pavel Štastn? as second Step-father
Thomáš Gumsa as first Step-father
Running Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Review by Katrina

This film is similar to some of the earlier offerings by Lupus, such as "The Governess", "A Week In a Noisy Household", and "The Soul of Honour". It is "family" spanking video in that the father and mother spank the daughter. The problem is that the girl is spanked by two different fathers. Each father has a different style. Well, to be specific, there are three fathers, one mother, and one daughter in this film.

The film opens with the daughter telling her story to a police officer. The police officer is attempting to take it down using a mechanical typewriter, of the type that I haven't seen in almost forty years. It starts out so innocently. The girl's father was taken by the Gestapo after the Heidrich assassination. She and her mother attempted to run the household while the father was imprisoned. And, being true to a spanking story, the daughter wore a shirt, socks, and shoes. She wore nothing else. This was a bit obvious, but enticing none the less. When she tells her mother that she is missing a button, her mother offers to sew on a new button. The daughter removes the shirt. Yes, she is wearing nothing but the shirt. That is obvious.

Her true father never returned from the Gestapo's custody. The person who returned was her first step-father. Like her true father, he was locked up in the camps. He wanted to "catch up" on missed things such as being with a woman. When her mother was away, he would catch up with the daughter. When he offered to help her wash, she complained to her mother. Her mother did not believe her. This led to the first of several spankings when her mother takes the daughter over her knee and uses a wooden spoon on her bottom. Her bottom changes to a nice cherry red color. It is a shame that we can't see the whole spanking from the start. We pick up during the middle to the end of the spanking. There must have been quite a bit of bottom whacking that was done earlier to have her bottom so red for only a dozen swats that are filmed before she is dumped off the mother's knees.

When her mother staggers out, drunk, to go shopping for food and more vodka, she finds the second of her foster fathers; a scoundrel, a smuggler, a profiteer, "Rudy" played by Pavel. He stayed for a while to use her place as a "safe house" for holding his goods. And no, Pavel, most Americans do not eat peanut butter for breakfast; or for supper either.

Rudy invited his friends to the house and had a drinking party. The party kept the daughter awake with the noise. She complains. Rudy's friend eventually falls down drunk and when the daughter attempts to help him out the door, he tries to have his way with her. A chase ensues. When Rudy is disturbed by the noise and returns, he is told that the daughter struck his friend. This is the setting for the second spanking of this film.

Rudy pins the daughter on her bed and uses his hand to spank her bottom. He raises her nightgown and she does a very good job of struggling, twisting, and avoiding and blocking with her hand, as best as possible, his hand. He spanked her under his arm, standing. This is a considerable struggle. For her part, she does a great deal of screaming while her bottom cheeks assume the color of her hair, red. The spanking ends when he sends both women to bed and his friend tells him that "You must be strict with women or they get out of control."

The next thing finds the daughter, Ann, examining her well spanked bottom in a mirror, telling the police officer that she was spanked each night that Rudy did not have to go to his ship. This relationship did not last very long. Her mother joined the party and managed to attract a new step-father, Alexander.

This is the third "father" for Ann. When Rudy returns, the new "father" tells him that he no longer lives there. Rudy pulls a knife. The new father pulls a pistol. Rudy knows when it is best to leave and does so rather quickly. He was the worst of the three fathers. He was a strict perfectionist. Everything had to be perfect. If it was not, Ann was punished. When she was unable to sit still while doing her homework, he had her sit, bare bottom, on an upturned brush bristles.

A month or so later, after the government ministers were changed, he married Ann's mother for the sake of appearances. On the wedding night, Ann accidentally breaks some plates which upset him to the point of violence. She objected, stating that he was not her father. That took him over the point of rage. He was bound to punish Ann for her insolence.

He strips Ann of her dress and bends her over the table. He states that he is her father now. Her mother, drunk, can only hold her daughter down for her enraged husband while he removes his belt. He starts to use the doubled belt on his daughter's bottom while Ann's mother can only hold her down. Her mother was more concerned with keeping her husband happy than her daughter's state. In no time at all, Ann's bottom becomes welted and striped from the repeated application of his belt. Her cheeks bounce with the belt. The belt wraps around her cheeks. He finally stops when she is hyperventilating and crying.

At this point, he drops his pants and enters her from the rear. Ann's mother can only tell her that she now knows who the head of the family is now! She tries to convince her daughter to call him "Daddy". She refuses.

Fortunately, we are saved the remainder of this violent scene. We are returned to the start of the film when she is telling her story to the police officer as he moves the typewriter carriage back to the start of the next line. She did not remember what happened next but remembers the blood. She remembers all of the blood. Her mother is dead. There is blood everywhere.

When the police statement is completed, who should be dragged back in but Rudy? He is accused of committing the crime. Rudy professes his innocence but Ann tells the officers that he lived with them for some time earlier. It is blatantly obvious. He is guilty. When Rudy is dragged out screaming his innocence, Alexander enters telling the officer of the sad state in today's poor society.

The film ends with Alexander taking his daughter home. Her fate is sealed.

This is a strange film. It is strange even for a company that, commonly, produces strange films. I am not talking about weird or unbelievable films. I am talking about a subject material, roles, and spankings that are not their norm. This film does not use a cane. Not even once is a cane even mentioned. What are used are the father's hand and the father's belt. This subject is not about their typical school girl format.

The film also involves only one girl being spanked. It is not a spanking extravaganza as some of their earlier works. You will not find five girls being spanked as in Stalin; let alone twelve beautiful girls from "The Crime At St. Thomas School". This film involves one daughter, one mother, and three fathers.

I found the subject material troubling. We all have our tastes. I must admit that this film ran a bit counter to mine. The film was troubling in many areas for me. As a woman, I have a revulsion against forcible rape. The fathers did not have a caring relationship for the daughter. The mother was drunk most of the time and very ineffective in supporting her daughter.

The spankings were not very well performed as a spanking. The belting was realistic in terms of the damage received. However, it was strange for a domestic spanking. It was more of a beating than a spanking. The hand spanking by the second father was good in that the reactions of the daughter were believable. Her struggle was realistically performed. However, as a spanking, for the purpose of discipline, it lacked some of the qualities to make it realistic. It, too, was impromptu. It too, was a beating.

All of this is not something to preclude the film. It is my opinion of the film. I wanted to give you a picture of the film should your tastes differ from mine. The film is very good in a technical basis. The story line is consistent. The characters are well played. The acting is very good. The roles are believable in that they reflected what could be the life at the time. This film was not made to be a spanking video. It was made to show the characters in their role, and spanking is only a small adjunct to the film.

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