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Site Status Update August 2010- The site is active and features individual online movies for sale.

Guest review by Isambard posted 8/20/10

This is a site with a very simple procedure. It sells individual films, each of which costs one token. Pricing is in sterling, and you can buy a token for a fiver, three tokens for 12 or ten tokens for 30. These prices are the same irrespective of the length of the film, whether 15 minutes or an hour. Lengths are clearly indicated on the site. Once you've bought the film, you have a week to download it. There's no DRM or similar bullshit. Once you've saved it to your machine, it's yours for keeps.

There are currently (19 August 2010) 133 videos available on the site from various British producers. They span the best part of three decades, with old classics like The Reformatory and the College Classics series, as well as much more recent films such as Special Detention, starring Georgina Baillie, the granddaughter of Andrew Sachs who featured in the saga of the radio show which led to the BBC's sacking of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. (If this Limey stuff mystifies our chums across the pond, I suggest googling Ross and Brand's names.)

Content, as you may gather, is pretty good. Technically, I'm not so sure. I won't shout too loudly, since some of the problems I've encountered may lie with my old computer, but I have a few concerns. There is purportedly a sample clip on the site, and sample clips of all videos are allegedly available after free registration, but I've never persuaded these to work. Not a big problem if you have some idea of what the film's about. What is more of a nuisance is that the server seems achingly slow, and the site doesn't like download managers such as ReGet. Now, although I don't like the practice, I can understand subscription sites which discourage DL accelerators in order to stop punters taking out a month's sub and downloading the last eight years' content, I can't for the life of me understand why a site selling individual films should want to discourage speedy downloading. Since some of the vids are very big - including at least one that runs to over a gig - I think the site should address this problem.

Despite this gripe, this site is certainly worth a look if you're a fan of British spanking videos.

AMENDMENT:: In most cases, my inability to viw preview clips seems to have been a problem with my machine. Using a couple of other computers, I've been able to access the clips for most of the vids.

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