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43 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 3/6/09

A simple plot and setting produce provocative entertainment. Miss Fox, a thin ingenue Hepburn-styled brunette coquette, is a realtor showing houses to a young couple. The husband claims to have "one million pounds" to spend and is quickly dissatisfied with Miss Fox's work--she is misrepresenting the houses and wasting their time. With an unmistakable leer in the eyes of both the husband and his attractive fashionable long-haired light brunette willowy wife, he will "have to take drastic action" for Fox's performance.

"If you take six spankings for each room you misrepresented," things can be straightened out. Miss Fox seems a bit startled, but we presume she quickly weighed a 60,000 pound commission against a bit of bare bottom, because she is OTK in a nonce on the first stair of the empty house. The young wife appears very excited as she watches her husband expertly go to it. She knows about this stuff?

He begins a crisp handspanking. The wife holds Miss Fox still and steps around to pull her panties down at 20 spanks, and with some stylish elan she exposes Fox's nifty bottom. The husband wants to increase the punishment, so his wife goes out to their car to get implements. We have said before, semper paratus for these British!

Fox is taken to another room, described as an "indoor pool" but just an above-ground pool installed inside, and cause for another assignment of spanking. The wife returns with a stiff round leather paddle we have seen to be an effective bell-ringer. Fox must lean head-first over into the empty pool, bare bottom high, a pose you will remember for a while. A nice paddling.

The husband now turns on his wife--we were hoping he would; she is too cute just to stand around and watch and having altogether too much fun watching Miss Fox get her treatment. After all, it was she who selected the incompetent Miss Fox. The wife is marched back into the unfurnished living room--there is no mistaking she is enjoying how this afternoon is playing out. She is "mantelpieced" in CalStar style and paddled, skirt and pants coming down. As can be expected with CalStar, two fine British bottoms are now on display in this video. The stiff black leather spanker makes its appearance. The wife gasps--makes you want to get her home without delay.

Miss Fox is paddled--hands-on-ankles, skirt and pants come off, nude frontals, then to the mantelpiece. Bottoms are stinging now--wife strips to just bra, gets the leather spanker/slapper. The bare bottomed girls stand together. Miss Fox strips completely--she has a boyish figure, except for a round high bottom which got her this part. Both are paddled and must hug and embrace while he cicles and paddles.

"You girls realize you still have the cane to come." Fox bends over for more paddling and the husband gets in a lusty grope. "Now my favorite part. Who goes first?" His wife is first, gives long frontal looks, lovely thick patch of hair. Hard sweet caning rings in the empty room. More at the mantelpiece. The husband flicks her thighs to keep her legs open--nice.

The nude Miss Fox is led to the center of the room--a theatrical and delightful moment. She is caned, her bottom adjusted for the camera. Ouch--this wasn't discussed at the real estate license course. The girls stand nude together for more strokes.

At the conclusion the husband embraces the naked Miss Fox and gets in another rousing slow grope, top and bottom, lest there be any doubt about what this has all been about. His wife doesn't seem to mind. She'll get her new house and maybe more. We loved this little accidental CalStar discovery.

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