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Training of Julia

24 minutes
Guest Review by COLLECTOR posted 5/30/08

Early stuff and right to the point in the short format. A familiar female Domme has Julia on the spot; apparently the Domme is a sort of Madame, and Julia, in her sweet schoolgirl blouse, tie, plaited skirt, and knee socks, has not been serving her "clients." What kind of customers can they be?

Julia is going to punished of course, spanked every day for seven days, or until she gets the message. We love slow learners. Madame gets her spanking stool and cane collection, but first Julia goes OTK, bare bottom right off, for a hard handspanking. "Please, madame, don't hit me as hard as my initial training." Forced to stand on tiptoes after a session of toe-rises, she takes about 50 inconsequential cane strokes.

Julia strips down to just her blouse, giving us cute frontal glimpses, and goes over the stool for another mild 30 strokes. Madame gets her legs wonderfully wide.

Julia is made to bend all the way over the stool, bottom highest, legs apart--goodness, nothing left to the imagination! Madame suggests this is the position best to please her "customer." This is quite a job Julia has, but we're beginning to get it.

Day 2 of Julia's penance--she's waiting pants down, cane in her mouth, for the Madame, who enters and phones the complaining client so her can listen to Julia's squeals. Another cane session.

The last day: more mild caning and some nice screaming by Julia, after which she is made to call the customer and make an appointement for next week, presumably to supply what was lacking before. Nice fun.

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