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Site Status Update 7/30/10- The site is active and updating with new downloadable clips every week. Cost is $30 per month.

Guest Review by Max Felter posted 7/30/10

I'm very impressed with this site. Many of the videos fit very well with my preference for moderate spanking and domination as a form of foreplay, without real violence or severe pain, followed by sex. It's a subsite of and costs $30 per month.

I very roughly estimate that there are about 80 videos, ostensibly of dungeon training, but with no serious torture or whipping, and with lots of cock sucking and fucking, and in fact with real erotic content without excessive brutality, and with a downplaying of the B&D costumes that personally I find a tad ridiculous and offputting: as soon as a guy puts on a mask, I feel the scene loses intimacy and humanity.

The video quality is superb and some of the downloads reached 1.6 MB/sec, using Download Accelerator Plus. There seem to be no limitations on downloading except maybe the sysop or a robot supervisor slowed me down after I downloaded 10 in a row at high speeds... and maybe not, maybe it was just other customers downloading the same video, competing for bandwidth.

The women are mostly nice looking without being barbie dolls, ranging from slender to well padded, and the camera work is first class. I'm not really into knots and ropes and stress positions, and there was more of that than I liked, but this was more than compensated for by much content that I found arousing. It combines dungeon like menace and humiliation without really hurting the subs. I found navigating the website a bit bewildering to start with, since it seemed that maybe I would have to pay extra money to see any actual content, but this turned out to be not the case, once I sussed out the rather cumbersome menu system, that has no jump-backs, forcing the user to reverse every single forward step, rather than get back to the main menu with a single click.

All in all, one of the top 3 sites I have yet encountered.

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