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Trial by Ordeal

Produced by Strictly English (2007)
Niki Flynn as Rowan
Henry Higgins as Lord Somerville
J. G. Giant as Mr. Green
S. Blake as the Sexton
Story by Niki Flynn, Henry Higgins and Stephen English
Running Time: 53 minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 1/21/11

Previous review by ronbald Scott covers the storyline. Actress Niki Flynn carries the performance in a clean one-room scene, where she received three CP sessions from individual town Elders for trumped-up Sixteenth Century charges against society. The men are just looking for a chance to get Niki's pants off, and they succeed.

Each spanking sessin is rich in CP ritual and language. The first visitor, Mr. Green, explains his "guidance" is a "damn good spanking." Niki doth protest with practiced elegance, including an obligatory "Oh, no" when Green's thumbs go under the waistband of her black lace hip hugger panties.

Thunderstorm sounds are used to transition the days and sessions. The second vistor's CP liturgy: "I have to give you a taste of my yur bare bottom." He removes her workout shorts--all the men do the knicker work. The belting is a good one--we can't recall any examples of mild or fake spankings in Ms. Flynn's work. She is her own stunt woman.

The last caller, Lord Summerville, in formal long tails, suggests she is a witch, normally a capital offense, but here in the sitting room of her rented cottage, "It's just you and me." He orders "Strip!" and when she is theatrically hesitant, he rips open her blouse and tears off her blue panties. Niki conveys the humiliation of being naked in front of clothed men as well as any actress we can think of.

The canngs are fulfilling. Her naked postures are dramatic. Lord S. comments he is pleased she has shaved her pubic hair. After he has departed, and Niki has treated us to a slow self-examination of her bottom, she sticks a pin in a voodoo doll, shivering one of her tormentors at least. Reviewer Scott did not mention the green flash which appears in her eys, suggesting Summerville was right about her.

Original Review by Ronald Scott 5/16/08

Trial by Ordeal is one of the top spanking movies released in 2007 with a creative plot, Niki Flynn at her best, and a striking performance by Henry Higgins.

Niki portrays Rowan, an established author who has just moved to a small old English village. She receives a letter from the town court accusing her of 3 offenses, including "Licentious display on the Sabbath" and "Growing a Forbidden Plant (Mandrake Root) in the garden".

Soon an older man arrives to give her "Guidance from the court". He says he must spank her because of the "forbidden plant" offense. Niki is a bit outraged but the man tells her that if she refuses she must go before the court and face more serious trouble.

He begins by spanking her over her skirt, then her panties and then later pulls her panties down. This is a long hard spanking that leaves Niki's ass red and features Niki's erotic cries and anguished face close-ups. At one point Niki says "You can't treat me like this" but he just keeps spanking her. The man obviously enjoys spanking Niki and watching her legs kick up.

In the next scene we get to watch Niki alone in a tight top and mini-pants exercise for a while (but not long enough for me). Soon the Sexton arrives to interrupt this delicious interlude. He is there to give "Guidance" for the 2nd offense in the letter : "Growing Witersand near the church". He tells her that he will give her "a taste of my belt on your bare bottom". Niki protests that she "is still sore from yesterday".

He pulls Niki's cutoff-shorts down and bends her over a chair saying "you Americans come over here and want to change out way of life". The belt hurts more than the hand as the strap blows are hard and Niki can't stand the pain. This is an excellent scene that features the Sexton reminding Niki that "we have our traditions because England is England"

The next day a formally dressed man arrives to punish Niki for "exercising outside while scantily dressed" (presumably in the same outfit she wore in the previous scene). He is the Lord of the Manor and President of the Court and is portrayed by Henry Higgins, an excellent actor who adds a lot to the success of this movie. He tells Niki that the village people think she is a witch and that a Trial by Ordeal will prove or disprove her witchcraft. Niki naturally replies that "this is insane !". He replies that if she comes before the court, he must make an example of her including the stocks, dunking and public flogging". Niki consents to the "ordeal" being in private (but not that private as we get to watch one of the best spanking scenes of the year).

First he strips her to look for "marks and symbols of witchcraft". Niki becomes flustered and humiliated as her clothes come off in an erotic scene. Based on an amulet around her neck and a tattoo on her belly he says she may be a witch or may be possessed by her ancestor who was executed in town. Only a test by "fortitude" will determine if she is a witch or not. He brings a cane to test her "fortitude" and the resulting caning is a great scene with excellent face shots of Niki suffering and rear views of Niki kicking her legs about.

After the caning, he reminds Niki that an "innocent" woman is obedient while a witch is not. He tests her with a Trial of Obedience with Niki standing on tip-toes with her arms straight out holding heavy books. After a while she drops the books, breaking the old bible (not a good sign in a test for witchcraft).

As a result he says we will have to take the test to the next level. He has Niki lean up against the wall with her legs back and apart and then she must go up on tiptoes. He slowly runs the cane down Niki's body, across her breasts and down to her tummy, which causes poor Niki to tense up even more (and the viewer to become quite distracted). Niki says she will faint and he replies "that leads to damnation".

He then canes Niki while she is leaning up against the wall in another excellent scene. Then he puts her over his knee for a long hard spanking saying that there must be no repetitions of her most serious offense, "indecent exposure". (I can only imagine what he would think of Niki's "exposure" if he saw her films with Lupus Pictures).

At the end Niki faces him looking chagrined and he orders that there be no more activities that could be construed as witchcraft. In a cute finale after he leaves, Niki responds by sticking needles into a doll that stands in for the Lord of the Manor.

I give this release 9.5 out of 10 for the great performances of Niki and Henry Higgins, the many and varied punishments (twice as many as most spanking videos) and the unusual plot.

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