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Trio of Tales

Written and Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Starring: Eve Ellis
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes
Review by Katrina

This video brings back the combination of Eve Ellis and Chelsea Pfeiffer. It contains three separate scenes of Chelsea spanking Eve.

Eve is a stunning beauty with nice long legs. She is a few inches taller than Chelsea is but that does not seem to matter. She ends up on the receiving end for all three scenes any way. Chelsea has a commanding personality and uses it to her advantage.

The Incorrigible Maid

The first scene starts with Chelsea scolding Eve who is dressed in a rather skimpy serving outfit. "Skimpy" is not really the word. Eve's bottom is protruding from the cutouts in the skirt as if she was wearing a pair of thong panties. Chelsea wastes no time in explaining to Eve that she has been derelict in performing her duties. Eve had served the guests the liquor without incident. However, when it came time for the food, Eve decided that she was hungry. She ate the hors d'oeuvers herself rather than serve the guests the "horrible red things". The guests left intoxicated. Chelsea's party was ruined.

Chelsea has decided to take it out on Eve's protruding bottom cheeks and wastes no time in turning Eve over her lap while Eve complains that she did not eat the pasta. As Chelsea starts to slap Eve's bottom with a resounding smack, Chelsea tells her that she was to eat the pasta and not the hors d'oeuvers. Eve is soon in dire distress as Chelsea slaps her bottom with very quick short strokes. This is only the warm-up. Eve is due to receive much more.

Eve tries to get Chelsea to stop using whatever means possible. Nothing stops Chelsea until it is time to strip Eve of her clothing. Chelsea peels down Eve's outfit. Now Eve is stark naked. "Is your bottom sore?", she asks Eve when she picks up a riding crop. "Good, kneel on the chair."

Chelsea lightly begins to use the whip tip to sting Eve's bottom. Chelsea seems to find the areas on Eve's skin that are still pale. Those are the targets for the whip, including the sensitive areas under the cheeks and between the legs. Soon, Eve's derriere is very red. Now, the fun part begins when Chelsea picks up a leather flogger and starts to use it on Eve's rear-end.

The first lash elicits a sharp cry of pain from Eve when Chelsea flips the lash on her cheeks. Chelsea flips the lash over handed repeatedly. Each time, Eve squeals in a loud, high-pitched tone. The lash soon starts to color Eve's hips the color to match her cheeks.

Eve finally kisses the whip when Chelsea uses it to stroke Eve's labia, lightly for a few moments. When that is complete, it is back to Chelsea's hand to finish Eve's sorry bottom. Eve must count the last fifty strokes.

The Piano Lesson

This scene reminds me of my childhood days learning to play the piano. The difference is that this piano teacher has a sure-fire way of getting her pupils to practice, practice, and practice. The way is of course, a bare bottom spanking.

It opens with Chelsea, playing the teacher, going over a cute little ditty with her student Eve. Eve was to have practiced her part in the duet. She claimed to have practiced "many hours." Eve's character cannot play and is wasting Chelsea's time. The result soon earns Eve a trip over Chelsea's lap as she starts to slap Eve's jean covered bottom with a rapid fire pace. Chelsea does an excellent job of reddening Eve's rear-end through the jeans. She continues to lecture her while swatting until the point that she lifts Eve and pulls down the tight jeans, revealing Eve's bottom through the lacy briefs. "Now you are really going to get it!" Chelsea says as the spanking continues on the panties.

The spanking continues on Eve's bottom cheeks while Chelsea seems to hit just the areas not covered by the panties. Eve is beginning to show some real distress at this point. Eve is not one for just lying there and taking it. She is very vocal and has a constant wail of pain while Chelsea continues to spank her bottom in a very rapid pace.

By now, the spanking has been going on for about five full minutes. I have lost count of the number of times that Eve's now very red bottom was struck. At this point, Chelsea says, "It is too bad that you have been so bad" and yanks down Eve's panties. Eve can only plead "No, don't do that." when she realizes that the spanking is not over. She will now be spanked on the bare bottom. Chelsea does not relent. She continues to spank Eve with full speed, now on the bare bottom for another three minutes. At this point, Chelsea relents and starts to massage Eve's sore bottom.

At this point, Eve makes a big mistake when she tells Chelsea "Don't even touch it". Chelsea's reaction is to start the spanking again. I suppose that for some women, it takes a sore bottom to recognize when to be quiet. Eve's chastisement continues under Chelsea's tutelage. My piano teacher was not like this. If she were, I would be playing in Carnegie Hall, perhaps on a few pillows. Eve continues her lamentful cries while her kicking has dropped her pants and panties to her ankles and the floor.

The scene finally ends when Eve promises to be good and, sitting on a soft cushion, plays the piece with Chelsea on the piano. Eve's character has a long way to go with her piano lessons. I am sure, that this would not be the last time that she will need some extra instruction.

Caught Cheating

The scene opens with Chelsea finding Eve smoking on the outside step. Eve was told not to smoke. She promised that she would not smoke. She was smoking. She broke her promise to Chelsea. Now, she is in serious trouble. Chelsea tells her to put the cigarette out and "get yourself in here right now."

Eve is dressed in the skimpiest see though lace dress. This is definitely a "spank me please" outfit. There is little left to the imagination as it shows all of Eve's curves. We find Eve next, across Chelsea's lap, on the edge of a bed when Chelsea tells her "You told me that you wanted to stop smoking". Eve's typically brattish response is "Well, I do want to stop smoking. It just doesn't mean that I am going to stop." (It seems logical to me.)

Chelsea begins to spank her with the comment "Well, if you can't practice any personal discipline, let's see if you like this kind of discipline instead." The spanking starts out slowly, but only for the first few minutes. Then it picks up in Chelsea's style of short, rapid spanks to Eve's naughty bottom as she lifts her flimsy lacy dress. It was just barely covering her bottom anyway. Chelsea continues to lecture Eve on the seriousness of smoking while her hand continues to punctuate the words into Eve's brain.

Soon, Chelsea undoes the garter belt straps and Eve rises while Chelsea strips the skimpy dress off Eve to reveal that Eve is wearing nothing underneath the dress but the stockings. Eve does not remain vertical much longer when Chelsea grabs her by the arm and with a yank, pulls her across her knee. Now the spanking is more direct, from Chelsea's hand to Eve's bare bottom, to Eve's brain on the evils of smoking. Chelsea plans to keep spanking until Eve's bottom is so sore that every time that she picks up a cigarette it will be about all the she can think. As she continues the spanking, she manages to get some good strokes to Eve's thighs. This will be a spanking that Eve will not forget.

After a warning to keep still or Chelsea would use a paddle, Eve cannot remain still when Chelsea used her hand only. By now, her bottom is very red. The backs of her upper thighs are a matching color. Still, Eve is sent for the paddle. "You had better be right back or there will be hell to pay" Chelsea warns her as she goes for the small leather wooden paddle. When Chelsea rubs the paddle on Eve's red cheeks, Eve relaxes. Chelsea raises the paddle and Eve tenses up. When she finally relaxes, she is treated to the first swat. Chelsea moves the paddle around her bottom in a nice pattern while she warns Eve to remain still.

The scene finally ends when Chelsea believes Eve as she says, "I swear. I will quit smoking. I will never touch a cigarette again."

Eve's reactions to the spankings on this video are in a simple word "great!" Chelsea's spanking talents are exceptional. She is able to turn Eve's bottom very red. Eve has no trouble telling her of the distress that she is experiencing. This video is not silent. Eve does not just lie there. She is very vocal. The dialog is non-stop.

When you marry Chelsea's excellent role as a spanker with Eve's excellent role of a naughty girl, the combination is beyond the talents of each separately. The production, the interaction, the union of the two is stellar. These are not harsh spankings. Eve ends up with a red and sore bottom. That is all. It is a worthy addition to your library. It is to mine.

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