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Spanking Triple Play #12

Written by: Mistress Jacqueline
Directed by: Vinnie Spit
Reviewed by: David Pierson

Scene one: " Spanked Shoplifter"
Starring: Morgan Fairlane
Lena Ramon
Scene Two: " A Spanking From Auntie"
Starring: Niki Steele
Scene Three: " English Discipline"
Starring: Chris North
Rubee Tuesday

This is the twelfth edition of Pacific Force's immensely popular Triple-Play series. (Hence the name Triple-Play #12. Little gets by me.) To me, no one turns a triple play like Pacific Force; not the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers or Trisha Monroe's favorite team, (She of "Disciplined Down On The Farm" and " Spanked In Front Of The Class fame.) the Arizona Diamondbacks. I could be wrong, but I think Trisha is fond of the Diamondbacks because one of their stars is known as " The Big Unit." The Triple-Play series of videos features a set of three spanking stories on one tape or DVD. (I guess Pacific Force could have called it a Triple-Feature, but then I wouldn't have been able to do the big unit joke.) Over the years, this series has featured some of the true stars of the medium. We have seen luminaries of the spanking cinema such as Epiphany (the artist formerly known as Lira Ross who was the artist formerly known as Lira Castle), Eve Ellis, Brooke Waters and Chyna Tymex. (As Chyna's name implies, she takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin') perform some of their best work as part of a Triple-Play Production. This production is no less distinguished.

Scene One: "Spanked Shoplifter"
This story features the talents of Morgan Fairlane and the lovely Lena Ramon. Of special interest to afficanadoes of the spanking video medium, this is actually Ms. Ramon's debut feature for Pacific Force. This feature was shot prior to Lena's featured roles in the now classic productions of " Disciplined Down On The Farm" and " Spanked In Front Of The Class." After seeing her performance in this production it is easy to see why the lovely Lena has become such an integral member of the Pacific Force family. As the title suggests, Lena plays the role of a shoplifter who is caught in the act by the store's detective, Morgan Fairlane. Lena pleads with the stern mistress of store security to be let go. Ms. Fairlane's only response to the little petty criminal's pleas was to direct her towards a sign on the wall. The sign read " Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted Or Spanked". Ms. Fairlane explained to her captive that the spanking she would suffer would be of such a severe nature that she would be better off taking her chances with the police. Lena noted, with desperation in her voice, that she has prior shoplifting convictions. With an air of resignation, Lena agrees to take her punishment across the knee of this dominant retail employee. Lena is dressed in a short black skirt and a see-through orange shirt. Lena's chastisement is begun with a hard hand spanking over the sexy black skirt. Lena immediately cries out in pain. Soon, Lena's skirt is lifted and Ms. Fairlane continues the punishment of this naughty shoplifter's bottom, now shielded only by sheer black panties. After another two minutes of severe spanking, the panties of our attractive shoplifter are lowered, revealing a beautiful, but already reddened bottom. Now completely unprotected, Lena is spanked to tears. Ms. Fairlane spanks Lena's naked posterior with her hand, a strap and then with a nasty looking black paddle. Lena jumped and squirmed with each swat of the hand, strap and paddle. After several minutes of excruciating punishment, our little outlaw is permitted to stand up. Without giving the miscreant time to recover, Morgan instructs her captive to remove all of her clothes. Reluctantly, Lena accedes to this request. Lena is made to bend over a chair and receives several lashes with a leather tawse. After her punishment is at an end, Ms. Fairlane makes the " Spanked Shoplifter" lie face down and bottom up in the corner. In this position Lena's anus is clearly revealed to her tormentor (and us) as a sign of her total submission.

Scene Two: "A Spanking From Auntie"
The second tale in our Triple- Play is a nice little schoolgirl spanking scenario featuring the glamorous Niki Steele and the terminally cute Sabrina. It seems that schoolgirl Sabrina has been behaving in a sexually promiscuous manner. Aunt Niki Steele decides to use an iron hand in ameliorating her niece's behavioral problems. Aunt Niki confronts Sabrina about her fooling around in cars with boys. (My apologies to Drew Barrymore.) Sabrina, clad in a plaid school uniform could only laugh at her Aunt's admonitions. Shortly, the smile was wiped from the nasty schoolgirl's face as she was pulled across the lap of her angry aunt. Niki proceeds to give her niece a severe hand spanking. Niki initiates the chastisement by spanking the naughty Sabrina over the bottom of her school uniform. After a minute or two, Aunt Niki raises the skirt of her delinquent niece and continues the spanking over Sabrina's cute school regulation white panties. Soon, despite protestations from the naughty schoolgirl, Niki lowers Sabina's panties and intensifies the chastisement. Sabrina's cute bottom is spanked a bright red. Where moments before, Sabrina was snickering at her Aunt's exhortations that she change her behavior, our promiscuous young lady was now crying and pleading for her aunt to stop the punishment. " I'll be a good girl!", Sabrina cried. " Oh, I know you will" Was her irate aunt's only reply. To further add to our young Sabrina's discomfort, after a few minutes of a severe hand spanking, Aunt Niki pulled out a hard thin paddle and proceeded to administer several hard swats to her niece's already sore bare bottom. Sabrina cried aloud with each smack of the paddle. After the paddling, Niki had the sassy Sabrina bend over a chair while she applied a very thin paddle (the width of a yardstick, only much thicker.) to her now remorseful niece's naked derriere. The session ended with Sabrina promising to be a good girl from now on.

Scene Three: " English Discipline"
" She would never say where she came from. Yesterday don't matter when it's gone. While the sun is bright or in the darkest night no one knows, she comes and goes."- Ruby Tuesday by Jagger/ Richards You may be asking yourself, " What the hell the opening lines of this Rolling Stones' song has to do with this review?" Nothing really, except for the fact that I really like the song and that one of the featured performers in this terrific production is named Rubee Tuesday. The third feature in this spanking trilogy features the lovely Rubee Tuesday and Chris North. (Not Chris Noth who plays Mr. Big in HBO's " Sex and The City.) It seems that our Rubee has been coming and going to several expensive stores and has put her family into a dire financial situation. Apparently, our Rubee Tuesday couldn't be chained to a life where nothings gained and nothings lost ... at such a cost. (A little more from Mick and Keith.) Chris, Rubee's British brother- in- law has promised to bail out his brother and his spendthrift wife provided that his sibling's spouse pay a price for her extravagance. It seems that Rubee's husband didn't have the heart to punish his wife so the task fell to our man from England.

Chris pulled the lovely Rubee over his knee despite his sister -in- law's protests. " I'm a grown woman.... You English are such Barbarians!", Rubee shouted as she was put into position for her chastisement. Chris's only response was " And you my girl are a spoiled brat!". With that Chris began to spank Rubee over her tight fitting black jeans. Keeping with the Rolling Stones theme, Chris was going to get some satisfaction and he was determined to get a lot of reaction out of Rubee. Once Chris began the punishment our Rubee began to howl in pain. After a time, Chris made Rubee lower her jeans and the spanking continued over her sexy white panties. Soon, Rubee's panties were lowered, revealing her lovely round and red bottom. Chris then proceeded to spank Rubee's naked bottom until she apologized and promised not to spend money in such a frivolous manner any longer. Not quite satisfied, Chris concluded Rubee's punishment by giving her bottom several hard smacks with a nasty looking paddle. The video concludes with Rubee promising never to spend beyond her means again. So at this point we say goodbye to Rubee Tuesday (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist) and her stern brother- in- law.

This Pacific Force production is fun, profoundly erotic and very well made. I can hardly wait for the release of Spanking Triple-Play #13.

Consumers Note: This video is available in VHS or DVD format. It can be purchased individually for the price of $49.95 or as part of a Pacific Force special. You can buy "Spanking Triple-Play#12" and " Maid For Spanking" (Soon to be reviewed on these pages.) for the price of $59.95. You can pick up these two features on one DVD or on two VHS tapes.


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